What is Past Life Therapy?

What is Past Life Therapy and what can it achieve?

•    Self-development for personal and spiritual growth

•    Understand why you have certain fears or phobias

•    Understand why you are the way you are now

Why have a Past Life Regression session?

All our past lives are a part of our present life and these are much closer to the surface of memory and emotion than most of us realise.

In contrast to listening to someone tell us about our past lives, a PLR session is far more powerful as it involves the re-experiencing of previous lifetimes and can lead us to self-discoveries. This direct experience can be used to change our present lives for the better, as well as to provide opportunities and benefits for learning, healing and growth.

Through PLR we can rediscover hidden talents and abilities, tap into positive and empowering strengths and emotions for use in our current life through remembering and integrating those positive and uplifting experiences.

Most importantly, what are the benefits?

There are great future benefits from exploring the past. By looking back you can avoid repeating the mistakes and pitfalls in your present. The benefit comes from experiencing and understanding subconscious patterns, feelings and memories. You can use the accumulated wisdom of your many lives to live and grow more fully and dynamically today.

By working with past life information it's possible to:

•Understand, heal and resolve past trauma which is still being carried in your current life

•Eliminate physical illnesses and unexplainable pains and emotional challenges by uncovering and dealing with the root cause

•Completely heal the cause of current life phobias and recurrent thought patterns.

•Identify recurring patterns and heal painful memories

•Learn why you face certain challenges in your current life

My Own Experience of Past Life Regression

My first experience of Past Life was more than 15 years ago. I was guided into a past life memory - I was a young girl of about 5 years old, walking down a dusty path in a hot desert-like landscape. I remember feeling so happy, far happier than I had ever been as a child in my current life. I was the child of elderly parents; they had me late in life, always believing they could never have children, so I was a miracle to them! I was a girl, not a boy (the preferred choice in this culture). I was so loved. The rest of the life was simple and easy, but the exciting part for me was going to higher realms and learning in that life I had experienced a love that was all enveloping, whereas in my current life, I was learning about love that could not be shown. My relationship with my Father was difficult, he was remote and unemotional as a parent. I was now able to understand that I was here to learn about Love in a different format. I can’t say my relationship with my Father healed dramatically, but I was able to understand why I had chosen to experience him as a parent – to learn about a love that could not be shown or shared.

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