The Truth About Yo-Yo Dieting

A Life Beyond Yo-Yo Dieting

by Chelvi Mailvaganan, February 2021

Imagine being able to live a diet-free life, where you have the confidence to trust your body to tell you how much to eat, how to eat and what to eat. Imagine being able to live without food obsession, weight obsession and scale obsession, where your mental energy is unleased on to things that really matter. Imagine enjoying sustainable weight loss without obsessing over counting calories/points, weighing, deprivation, in fact not thinking about food at all. Imagine being able to handle painful feelings and difficult emotions without stuffing them down with food. Imagine feeling confident within yourself, confident to speak your truth, confident in your relationships. Imagine such emotional resilience, you have the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at you, without turning to food.

Finding freedom from dieting paradigm
If you have been on the yo-yoing pathway to weight loss, my guess is that like me, you had been sold the dieting paradigm, 'calories in - calories out', caloric restriction and ultimately failure. Reality is that 95% of the people who loose weight on a diet put the weight back on and much more within 5 years. The numbers don’t lie.

Why diets don’t ultimately work?
Despite being utterly unscientific, do diets ever address our emotions that drive most of our eating habits? Where is the diet plan that addresses our stress, our anxiety, our fears, our boredom, our insecurities? Like the times, after a stressful working day, the only thing you have to look forward to is your night time binge eating, or after an argument with your partner/kids you seek comfort in food to soothe your feelings of hurt and rejection, or times when food makes a boring task/day more bearable. We are human.

Built within us is the instinctive desire to escape pain and find pleasure! When painful emotions arise, it is instinctive to be driven by uncontrollable urge to eat. Sadly, the stress and the restriction of dieting and yo-yoing of our weight often drives us to seek comfort in food. ‘Being good all day’ and then loosing it at night time binging, followed by the guilt and shame, and then the promise of starting over the next day. Aren’t we forever starting over? The diet-binge cycle is strangely alluring. In my case, I was trapped in it’s grips for over 20 years.

Hi! I am Chelvi!
Despite my extensive knowledge about dieting and nutrition, I spent nearly two decades yo-yoing from one diet to the next. My relationship with food and body weight felt out of control and hopeless. It is only as a result of an unexpected health scare, I was forced out of the diet-binge band wagon and looked for deeper for solutions.

Look Deeper for Solutions
What I discovered was surprising! I didn’t actually have a problem with food, lack of will power, or discipline. I discovered the root cause of my unsustainable dieting was a combination of a) using food to numb painful feelings and b) a disconnection to my body and my natural hunger and fullness signals as a results of years of yo-yo dieting.

Emotions behind why I ate the way I did
Healing came when I learnt to address the emotions behind why I ate the way I did. As I learnt to deal with painful emotions like stress, boredom, anxiety, guilt, shame and insecurities about myself, everything about my life changed.  Finally, sustainable weight loss came, along with health, energy and vitality for an active and a confident life.

This is now my passion and mission; if I can do it, so can you! When you learn to deal with difficult emotions, and stop using food as a way of escaping painful emotions whilst learning to eat in response to physical hunger, sustainable weight loss will come as a side effect! And, you can ditch dieting, and deprivation, the yo-yoing of your weight, forever!

This isn’t just about Weight Loss
As you start to heal your relationship with food, as you become more emotionally resilient, you will start to feel good about yourself, your personal and work relationships will become more harmonious, and you will deal with stressful and anxiety provoking situations with much more ease and confidence. You will feel peaceful around food, you will let go of all food fears and food becomes a source of pleasure free of guilt.

Many people have travelled this journey and so can you.

As a Mindful Eating Coach I have helped people just like you travel this precise journey. You can read about their experiences here.
Is it your time to end your battle with unsustainable dieting, difficult emotions and unhealthy eating habits?

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My parting message to you is: look deeper than diets to resolve your struggles with food and weight gain. You are more than skin deep or calorie deep! Authentic, sustainable weight loss is an inside job! It is your inner world, your thoughts, beliefs and feelings that shape your reality. Take care of your inner world and everything will fall in place! Without inner peace, outer peace isn’t possible. Learn to find peace within yourself, learn to harmonise with your body, the weight loss will come effortlessly. As I said before, I have done it, and so can you!

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