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Working with and for therapists
The purpose of The Therapists’ Network is to create a collaborative community of therapists. Working for yourself is great, but it can be lonely and isolating at times. So, connecting with other therapists can provide some like-minded R & R and some sociability. But also, and very importantly, access to some professional advice and guidance when needed and alternative viewpoints that deepen your understanding of your and other therapies.
Meeting structure varies, so sometimes there is a 10-minute talk by a therapist or we may have a speaker who will do hour long workshop, maybe about how to run your business. We may have focus-on-you sessions where everyone attending will focus on one issue or problem a member is facing to find possible solutions/supportive resources etc. And, of course, we always try to find time to chat and get to know each other and discuss topics of interest!

We invite all types of therapists to join our community (medical, complementary, psychological, holistic, esoteric and physical). In this way we can all learn more about other fields of therapy and how they can work together to provide holistic care for our clients. So, please feel free to join our Facebook collaborative group, The Therapists’ Network, and like our Facebook Marketing & Advertising page; come to our meetings and join in and share this with other therapists who might find this helpful. The meetings at The HolistiCentre are on the first Thursday of the month. You can come to any of the meetings.

Cost: £5.00 online payment only via Eventbrite.
Please contact Haya Kalechman at for payment info.

Dates for future meetings (1st Thursday of month (apart from January 2019), 10am to 12 noon​):

Jan 7
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Apr 4
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June 6
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You can become a Member of The Therapists’ Network and have your professional profile, workshops and articles on our website. To become a member, you will need to be able to evidence membership of an accepted professional body, and public liability and professional indemnity insurance. The aim is to become a body of highly qualified and professional therapists who provide a good service to their clients. We wish to build an excellent reputation as the ‘go to’ place to find well-being support. Go here to join:

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