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Sarah Yarwood Doula Massage
Sarah Yarwood Doula Massage

Pregnancy Massage Partners Class £80.00
Pregnancy Massage £50.00 - £70.00
Couples Massage Tutorial £70.00 - £90.00
Deep Tissue Massage £50.00 - £70.00
Holistic Body Massage £70.00 - £90.00
Post Natal Massage £50.00 - £70.00

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Hello I'm Sarah, a birth doula and massage therapist.

I specialise in maternity massage to accompany my birth doula services and it's a most effective method of treating many aspects and symptoms of pregnancy and post-partum, both physically and emotionally. These treatments are aimed at nourishing the new or expecting parent so they can better nurture their baby and ease those transitions into parenthood.

I also offer a very unique style of deep tissue massage therapy. This technique blends Eastern and Western practices, taking much influence from multiple bodywork disciplines and traditional Chinese medicine. I have been harnessing elements of Tai Chi whilst practicing this particular method to help bring balance to myself and my clients simultaneously! This is very much a two way treatment where we both walk away feeling rejuvenated, grounded and present.

Pregnancy Massage Partners Class

3hr £80.00

From the Canadian Institue of Holistic Maternity Massage:

A call to all pregnant women!

Bring your partner/mother/friend/doula to this one day workshop where they will learn how to massage your body through the constant changes of pregnancy! This is a one time event in which your partner will be able to go home equipped and empowered with a healing touch, knowing how to massage your pregnant body the right way.

Things we will cover will include:
🖐An in-chair treatment for head,neck and shoulders for the partner. This is a great sequence for anyone but especially a new parent and one who is breast feeding. We will practice this one on the partner as a way of saying "thank you" for their massages they are about to learn to give!
🖐A full body massage sequence to treat symptoms of pregnancy at each stage but specifically: headaches, back ache, sleeplessness, carpel tunnel, swollen legs/feet/hands/arms, sciatica, breathlessness, contracted muscles and more
This is a very nurturing and relaxing style of massage aimed at alleviating but also preventing symptoms of pregnancy as well and lining you up for a good sleep
🤚We will also cover some techniques for the big event - labour and delivery itself!

There's a lot of material to cover but we'll be taking lots of breaks and refreshments will be provided but do feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable. This is a practical workshop and you will be given handouts to take home with you. The class will remain small to ensure a good quality learning environment is maintained. Please note only bottles with lids can be taken into the Sage Room space where the workshop will be held.

Pregnant Partners are asked to bring with them the following:
2x towels
2x sheets
2x pillows
1x blanket
A bikini or similar for pregnant mum to wear - you will be properly draped
Oil of choice - coconut oil works great

Anyone wanting to sign up must register and pay in full at least one week in advance. Please feel free to call for more information or to book.

Pregnancy Massage

1hr £50.00
1hr30min £70.00

I offer tailor made pregnancy massage treatments to nurture a mother-to-be in one of the most important chapters in a woman's life.

I use a variety of techniques and pressures that encourage oxygen flow and stimulate oxytocin. My aim is always to restore a sense of balance and calm while alleviating discomforts of pregnancy. Some symptoms may include:
flat feet
sore knees
digestive issues
respiration issues
carpel tunnel syndrome
swollen handsarmslegsfeet
contracted muscles
back pain

During this session mother is invited to carve out that moment of peace and tranquility into her self-care regime as she focuses on growing and nourishing her unborn child.

Using unscented oils, I massage mother-to-be in side-lying positions, making sure she is fully supported and comfortable. I finish with mother face up, on my specialised table with a tilted back and wedge under one hip to ensure comfort and safety.

Call to book 07762441769

Couples Massage Tutorial

1hr £70.00
1hr30min £90.00

These one-to-one sessions are designed to teach your partner how to massage your pregnant body the right way!

Tailor made to suit your needs throughout pregnancy, in preparation for labour and delivery of your baby, and on into the post-natal period when your body is undergoing further changes adapting to life as new parents.

Transferable skills learnt in these sessions allow you to go home confidently with the gift of touch for you and your family to enjoy.

Call to book 07762441769

Deep Tissue Massage

1hr £50.00
1hr30min £70.00

This method of holistic deep tissue massage is an East-meets-West fusion of techniques that slowly releases the deeper layers of the body's tissues. Whether for chronic pain or treating life's discomforts built up over a long period of time, this style of massage is remedial as well as therapeutic.

I use massage wax rather than oil to get good traction and connection with skin, muscles and fascia needed for this kind of work. I use a lot of palmar strokes, loose fists, forearms, some thai stretches, shiatsu techniques, compressions, meridian work, trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

Depending on reasons for wanting this particular type of massage, a course of treatments may be recommended for maximum benefit or treating on-going issues.

Please note a telephone consultation will be required prior to therapy session. This is to ensure maximum benefit of the treatment duration.

Call to book 07762441769

Holistic Body Massage

1hr30min £70.00
2hr £90.00

This indulgent massage is an invitation for complete nourishment from head to toe.

It requires enough time for you to truly unwind, allowing the treatment to fully settle into and harmonise your being.

This is the ultimate relaxation experience with slow and nurturing strokes that stimulate the entire circulatory and lymphatic system for ultimate restoration of body and mind.

Give this one time and space to settle in. Recommended as an evening treatment before a bath, bed and long restful night's sleep.

Call to book 07762441769

Post Natal Massage

1hr £50.00
1hr30min £70.00

A massage for a new mother is a wonderful and essential opportunity to welcome her back into her own body. This session focuses on treating the physical demands of caring for a new born whilst soothing her transition into motherhood.

Call to book 07762441769

Please, all payments to be made in full at least 48 hours before your appointment to confirm your booking.

If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment unfortunately a cancellation fee of 10 will be deducted from your refund. This is to cover costs of booking a room for your treatment. By booking you agree to these terms.

Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Details:
Business: Sarah Yarwood Doula Massage Therapist
Website: www.dandeliondoula.co.uk
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Phone: 07762441769