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Sarah Grattan

Yoga Naturopath Reiki
Sarah G Nutrition, RetreatsSarah and Angela run Day Retreats and Workshops here
Sarah G Nutrition, Retreats

Yin Yoga A weekly slow mindful class £8.00
Naturopathic Nutrition £65.00 - £165.00
Reiki £40.00 - £55.00
Thai Yoga Massage £50.00 - £85.00
Thai Yoga Massage (add-on) £20.00
Yin Yoga Private Yoga Tuition £40.00 - £55.00
Sivananda Yoga Private Yoga tuition £40.00 - £55.00
Sivananda Yoga Weekly Classical Hatha Yoga £8.00

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I am qualified and experienced yoga teacher and natural therapist who has studied and travelled the world integrating knowledge, cultures and life experience to share wholly with the people I meet on a daily basis.

My first Yoga class was in 1992 aged 17, I became fascinated by the ease of movement and sometimes total lack of movement each posture would bring, my chaotic breath and chattering mind, which led to a stillness within I recognised. This experience had a profound effect on me igniting a spark, a passion to discover more and ultimately share with you.

I travelled and lived in different countries and communities studying; Sivananda Hatha Yoga (500 hours), Yin Yoga, Bach Flower Remedies (practitioner level), Reiki Master/practitioner, EFT (level 1), Holistic Oil Massage, Anatomy and Physiology several times!, Thai Yoga Massage and most recently I qualified as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.

I believe that health and well-being are our natural “human” state and the “being” part of us comes when the human has been nurtured and loved, so we feel connected throughout the mind, emotion, body system. With each therapy learned a whole new part of me has been revealed, so each therapy has an integrated influence on each treatment I give, creating a unique and beautiful experience for my clients.

Yin Yoga A weekly slow mindful class

1hr £8.00

Gently relax into supported yoga postures between 3-5 minutes, nourishing your joints, improve your flexibly, relieve aches and pains this is meditation in movement and stillness.

Friday 10:00 - Yin Yoga A weekly slow mindful class11:00
£8.00 drop-in or £30 per month (4 weeks).

Naturopathic Nutrition

1hr £65.00
3hr £165.00

Gut Healing Programme one hour initial Consultation with two follow up 1 hour appointments or
1 hour appointment each appointment comes with personalised report.

The concept of naturopathic nutrition lies in recognising that every-body is different in its response to the foods we ingest, the drinks consumed and our unique interaction with our environment be it where we work, live, even down to the products we apply to the body and use in the home. The emphasis being on a return to wholesome food with a nutritional content, which allows the body to re-establish its balance, along with regaining energy in each day, enjoying better sleep, simply not noticing your digestive process, just enjoying healthful food and noticing food in its natural state has everything the body needs to heal. Whilst supplements are useful, the need for them merely indicates that the diet is insufficient in the first place. Finding the balance in daily life for wholesome food, exercising and consciously relaxing the body and mind become the basis of a happier and healthier you. During the initial consultation we take an in-depth look at your current health concerns, what type of foods and drinks you typically consume, when and how you eat. We then look at all areas, Naturopathic Nutritionwhat is good and what can be improved in your current choices and then we discuss ways to help implement changes that will be for keeps, small changes that will keep you motivated in feeling so good about yourself that you will want to make them permanent.


1hr £40.00
1hr30min £55.00

This treatment is also offered as a 30 minute add-on to another treatment for £20.

A gentle profound healing art that originates from Japan. The word Reiki literally translates as universal energy and through attunements to Reiki, this energy simply flows from my hands to the recipient. It requires no guidance from myself as Reiki has an intelligence of its own and works directly with the recipient for their highest health and well-being. During a treatment my hands become very warm with each hand placement, some clients become giggly or laugh, others allow tears to release tension, all is Reikiwelcome in the safe space created. At the end of the treatment most leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and deeply nourished.

Thai Yoga Massage

1hr £50.00
1hr30min £65.00
2hr £85.00

Women only.

Thai massage finds its roots in the Indian medicine system known as Ayurveda, it is said that the massage was developed by The Buddha's own physician, Jivaka Kumar Baccha, known in
Thailand as Dr Shivago. The massage works primarily on the Sen Energy lines of the body, which supply the body with energy for its healthy functioning. How many of us have felt stressed out and later felt tension in our backs our jaws or neck and shoulders. This stress has impeded the flow of energy around the body or in our emotions. Thai Yoga Massage has always been closely linked with meditation and during the massage a profound feeling of peace and serenity is often experienced as the mind, body system is balanced. Using just my body weight to apply pressure to the body focusing on these energy lines, through the use of my thumbs, palms, elbows and feet. I am able to use a combination of acupressure, rocking, twisting and assisted yoga stretches to create a steady meditative rhythm, Thai Yoga Massagegently restoring a deep sense of well-being.

Traditionally a Thai massage is between 1.5 hours to 2 hours, although longer and shorter treatments are available. Thai massage is most comfortable wearing loose clothing, I.e; joggers or leggings for ease of movement and perhaps layers; vest or sweatshirt on the top half of the body.

Thai Yoga Massage (add-on)

30min £20.00

Women only.

This treatment is in addition to Thai Yoga Massage, where you lovely ladies can choose to have the back, shoulders, neck, head and face massaged with a delightful oil (don't worry the oil on face and hair would be minimal), whilst remaining on Thai Yoga Massage (add-on)the futon and still enjoying the benefits of a traditional Thai Massage.

Yin Yoga Private Yoga Tuition

1hr £40.00
1hr30min £55.00

Price varies between private yoga tuition or tuition with a friend.

Book a course of 4 and receive £20.00 discount.

Yin Yoga is merely a way of describing a slow mindful yoga practise, where each posture is held between 3 - 5 minutes. The mind and body are allowed to unravel multi levels of tension both known and unknown, as we move gently into the soft edge of a stretch, that point where we can feel the body is stretched but not to its full capacity, it's this point that tension begins to melt away without being forced. And as the body moves into relaxation so does the mind, this practise is introspective, your eyes are closed, the mind is focused on the natural rhythm of the breath, questioning how the body feels in each moment and then the magic of stillness occurs, the stillness of silence in between thoughts where clarity and rejuvenation happens and the more you Yin Yoga Private Yoga Tuitionpractise the more easily your body and mind relax into this silence, which is always within us...Yin yoga is simply another way to reconnect us to our true nature, our true self.

Sivananda Yoga Private Yoga tuition

1hr £40.00
1hr30min £55.00

Price varies between private yoga tuition or tuition with a friend.

Book a course of 4 and receive £20.00 discount.

During this traditional Hatha yoga class you will listen and perhaps join me in chanting, you will be guided through a meditation at the beginning of the class to prepare and settle the mind and body and then through, what Swami Vishnu-Devananda calls the 12 basic postures of yoga. These postures allow free movement of the spine in all directions which act as a tonic for the spine, whilst at the same time and quite naturally strength, stamina, stillness of mind and a sense of well-being are very welcome side effects to the regular practise of yoga. Each class ends with a 15 minute relaxation and guided meditation which allows you to truly rest in the stillness within. I have personally watched people's lives transform with regular yoga practise and in particular Sivananda Yoga Private Yoga tuitionprivate tuition where the class is tailor made to your bodies strengths, whilst clients have watched with amazement as their body eases into strength, a lightness in step is born and the freedom of movement soon replaces any restrictions once felt. Private tuition is suitable for all abilities young and old.

Sivananda Yoga Weekly Classical Hatha Yoga

1hr £8.00

A traditional Hatha yoga class which includes chanting, meditation and of course asana practise. Feel stronger, improve flexibility, increase stamina but most importantly enjoy peace of mind.

Monday Sivananda Yoga Weekly Classical Hatha Yoga10:00 - 11:00 am
£8.00 drop-in or £30 per month (4 weeks).

Contact Details:
Business: yoga health and wellness
Website: www.yogahealthandwellness.co.uk
Email: sarah@yogahealthandwellness.co.uk
Phone: 07539534385