Relational Health and Empowerment

by Haya Kalechman

We’ve all heard of physical health and about the importance of health checks.

Mental health is slowly coming out of Tabooland and increasingly more businesses now offer mental first aid trainings to their team.

But have you ever heard of Relational Health and Wellbeing? Relational Empowerment? Or Relational check-ups?

Simply put, Relational Health and Wellbeing looks at the quality of our relationships and how we feel about them and in them. The purpose of Relational Health and Wellbeing is to create and sustain healthy and fulfilling relationships. The quality of our relationships also determines the quality of our lives.

There is such a thing as relational hygiene and maintenance, there are relational strategies to learn and to apply to create happy relationships and there should be courses and trainings to become skilled at relating in a healthy and empowered way from an early age. Unfortunately, there aren’t any at the moment and, nowadays, many of us find ourselves at lost in the maze of relationships or potential relationships. Add to that that mentalities, relational expectations and genders' roles have transformed and evolved and we are in total confusion and sometimes chaos.

Today, pretty much all of us know what Personal Empowerment entails and it has become quite trendy as well as quite vast and, at times, taunting. It’s a very personal and often solitary process where we learn about ourselves; our strengths and wounds, our boundaries (or lack thereof), and how to acknowledge and focus on our own needs. It usually feels enlightening and liberating.

Relational Empowerment is very different from Personal Empowerment as it involves learning to relate with another or others for the wellbeing of all. Many of us feel quite competent, or rather content, in their relationships although a large majority of people are aware that their skills might need updating, upgrading or refining, to move from good (enough) relationships to great relationships.

Some of us may struggle with relating to others, being heard and fully understood (and fully understand others) and respected for our choices and decisions. A few of us find intimacy confusing or scary at times and sometimes unsafe. Others will have mastered the art of relationships to a certain extent and are already on their way to sustainable Relational Empowerment. The vast majority of us are really venturing in the world of relationships with no idea where or what we are doing, what we need and desire, where we could go or what our choices are.

So, what does it really mean to move towards Relationship Empowerment?

It means bringing your full presence, your full awareness, your full intention - and attention - and your full power into the relationship. It also means learning better communication strategies and doing your personal and your relational homework.

This what it sounds like:

"I/We commit to standing toe to toe with you and do my/our very best to insist on healthy intimacy between us, because I love you. Because I love us and our relationship. And because we both deserve it."

Relationship Empowerment offers both (or all) partners safe ways to express what they each need and desire and how they could help one another to deliver that what each other needs and desires from the relationship. This sounds quite simple and it is. However, there is a process (strategies) to go through to get to a stage where that happens easily and effortlessly.

There are many reasons why couples, siblings, friends, family members, lose their way with each other but, once we learn these strategies for Relational Empowerment, we are well on our way to having consistently great relationships. We are on our way to Relational Health.

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Haya S. Kalechman is an international Relationship Expert and Universal Healer with 25 years of experience of coaching and mentoring in the fields of Authentic Communication, Evolutionary Relationships, Divine Sexuality and Boundaries and Consent work. She is the in house relational expert for Janey Lee Grace's (BBC Radio, Platinum Awards, Janey Loves) membership group The Sober Club. She creates bespoke programmes for individuals, couples, groups and businesses. Haya's approach is heart-led, spiritual and down-to-earth.

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