Practical Information

Access - The HolistiCentre spreads over the 1st floor of a converted stable block nextdoor to the mansion.
Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access. It can only be reached by a wide staircase with a landing half way up.

Shoes - To keep the outside out, there is a no shoes policy here. At the top of the stairs please kindly leave your shoes on the designated rack. It's carpeted throughout and rarely gets cold. Feel free to bring your slippers and make yourself at home!

Orientation - Upon entering the centre there is a notice board with map. Please take a mental note of where you are. This is also the exit.

Loos - Downstairs by the entrance/exit

Kitchen - Help yourself to drinks. Please tidy up after yourself.

Water - We have a fantastic water bar, fitted with filters and a UV lamp to purify your drinking water. At the press of a button you can have hot, cold or mix! If the water has cooled, you may have to wait a few moments for it to reheat. Please enjoy.

Respect - Please be mindful of other users. If a door is closed it is most likely for a reason! Feel free to wait in The Gathering Room for your session.

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