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Mind and Body Rebalance Yoga        £35
Yoga for a Better Back                      £30

I first did yoga aged 7 at school with my teacher who saw it on TV! Very different from how we do it today.

I went to my first class in canterbury in 1997 and although that wasn't the class I stuck with, I was hooked. In 2000 I found a teacher that I was happy with and decided (eventually) to train to become a teacher myself, as it helped me regain my flexibility and strength after a serious injury.

And I've been doing just that since 2003.
I love my job and hope that my passion for yoga shows in my teaching. My classes are dynamic with a good dose of anatomy and physiology.

Find me on: www.facebook.com/TheYogaEwok
or email me: nikki@YogaEwok.com
Mind and Body Rebalance Yoga 4hrs £35

16th April  9:30-13:30  £35

Asymmetry and imbalance in different parts of the body create stress and strain. This can lead to injury, pain or just simple discomfort. Yoga helps with creating balance and harmony in the body; creating symmetry; making you strong, flexible and balanced. Yoga also teaches us to balance the urge to push, control and be assertive, with the impulse to yield, submit and be passive. Thus helping to attain a balanced attitude.

This workshop is about balancing your body, not balancing WITH the body! We'll go through a sequence of postures to balance body and mind, as well as some partner work to get the most out of those stretches.

Followed by a meditative walk over the South Downs. On our return we'll have a good stretch out and a long guided relaxation.

Tea/coffee and homemade cakes will be served (in the beautiful garden all being well!) after.

The walk is around 1.5- 2 hours and appropriate footwear is a must as its over rough ground. Walk rating moderate.

Please bring waterproof jacket etc and water bottle. Feel free to bring cameras.

If the weather looks poor , bring a change of clothes for the stretch & relax as its no fun lying in wet gear!

Only 8 spaces so booking is essential

Book directly with Nikki: 07759600705
Yoga for a Better Back 3hrs £30

8th May 9:30-12:30 £30

Whether you have stiffness or injury, these exercises will aim to give you the tools to get movement back and strengthen your core.

Gentle exercises and breath work. Some work in pairs. 
Followed by a long relaxation and tea/coffee and homemade cake (hopefully in the garden!)

Only 8 spaces so booking is essential

Book directly with Nikki: 07759600705

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