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I have been working with sound healing for around 20 years, since first experiencing a didgeridoo massage. I have been offering experiential workshops around the country and at festivals for a number of years.

I completed my training in the BAST method of Sound Therapy, studying one to one Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy, Gong Therapy, Himalayan Bowl Therapy and Group Voice Therapy. I have found this method to be deeply transformative with clients on all aspects of being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I am both humbled and excited by its potential for very deep work.

I have a degree in music and psychology and have also undertaken training in counselling, NLP, hypnosis, reiki-seichem and Lifemusic. I recently completed the Bio-mystical Womb Healing Mentor training. I also teach piano, cello and singing.

I offer lots of groups and workshops, including regular Soundbaths with Gongs and Himalayan Bowls, Introduction to Sound Healing, Introduction to Voice Therapy, Find Your Voice workshops, Chakra Toning, Chakra Sound and Movement, Healing Chanting, Voicescapes, Overtone Singing, Therapeutic Drum Circles and other therapeutic vocal work and sound and voice meditation practices, a weekly mums and bumps sound healing and lullabies group and I co-facilitate a monthly women's group (commitment to 3 sessions per spiral) Sovereignty and Sacred Sisterhood

I offer Gongs and Himalayan bowls for one to one treatments along with Drum Therapy, Holistic Voice Therapy and Women's Shamanic sessions such as Womb Listening.

Lovely feedback about this work:

Naomy is an incredible holistic sound therapist! So knowledgeable, passionate, experienced, friendly and intuitive. Ive had some amazing experiences when engaging with the groups, Bump to baby sound healing and lullabies has been a really enriching journey with my 16 month old from bump to now. He loves it! A wonderful sound bath when I was in my last month of pregnancy. Will be back for more as soon as possible. Could not recommend highly enough! Charlotte Folkard

Naomy is a gem of a sound therapist with a very intuitive, gentle yet empowered manner, very gifted in her therapy work which has supported me over the years to cope with anxiety, bereavement, building my own confidence and finding my voice. Ive thoroughly enjoyed Naomys one to one voice work sessions, drumming workshops, group and one to one gong baths, mantra and toning workshops and many more! Alice Walsh

Naomy is a wonderful sound therapist. I cant recommend her highly enough. Her one to one sessions, voice workshops & sound baths are amazing Donna Robbins

naomy is a very dedicated sound therapist I highly recommend her work shops the sound bath is amazing! will be returning frequently Sarah Wells

I felt real shifts after attending one of your workshops Naomi, it was so good to release and move forwards in this way! Namaste xX
Steve Helen-Ellis Price

The session today was incredible, I really loved the journey you took us on with your powerful medicine. I came home and slept for two hours so much to integrate. Beautiful thank you so much J.B

I really enjoyed the Solstice Sacred Earth Chants this afternoon, Im actually quite shy, even a little group phobic, something Im working on, but really got into it and loved it, got out of my head and into the space and met some amazing people. It was a great afternoon, and Im still feeling its healing and peaceful effects. M.B.

Thank you so much for todays session, you create such a safe space and I felt allowed to explore using my voice in ways that I find challenging in a group situation J.B.

Thank you for the wonderful Sound Bath. Was really lovely to be back in your magical space P.H.

I had a course of 4 sessions with Naomy. She was brilliant, patient and understanding. She explores what you want for a session for me was relaxation and she aims to deliver. My experiences were relaxing and enlightening. I would definitely recommend her

"My first encounter with Naomi was as a nervous singer who desperately wanted to join a choir, but did not have the courage to do so approx. 3/4 years ago. I have since joined three choirs and it has been an on-going hobby that has helped my health and confidence"

I found all four of your sound-massage sessions extremely helpful in finding relief from the anxiety problems I seem to have been left with following quite a traumatic episode in my life. Problems that also included tinnitus, digestive and sleeping problems...The regular beat of the drums led me to an extremely deep meditative state and I experienced what I felt to be the clearance of certain energy blockages around the upper body/head area, especially with the last 2 sessions as I felt myself becoming more in tune with the work...I am now starting to sleep a full 6-7 hours a night (most nights)"

"I feel very grateful for having experienced an introduction to voicework & have benefited from Naomys gentle guidance & support as I struggled to use my voice & allowed myself to be heard.

"I very much enjoyed my course of treatments, I found them beneficial for relaxation and de-stressing as well as helping to alleviate the discomfort in my joints."

"The treatments were extremely relaxing, resonated with my emotional states of imbalance, helped to deepen my sense of self connection and the energetically blocked areas of my body and encouraged therapeutic release. This assisted in reducing my anxiety and move towards a greater sense of internal peace."

Wow such an interesting way to work with your beautiful voice. it felt like I was in a prizium of pure blessings of sound I felt relaxed an able to explore in a safe place.All what we had spoken about before hand felt a million miles away after the session had finished .It is something I feel I would like to continue with an will never leave me its a lifes journey to find these true an special moments with someone that really cares about her work .thank u natasha

Naomy's Treatments

View Holistic Voice Therapy
Holistic Voice Therapy One to One

1hr30min £60.00
1hr £45.00

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The BAST method of Holistic Voice Therapy is a one to one treatment consisting of Passive Voice Therapy treatment and dynamic breathing, vocalisation, visualisation and movements (depending on need and relevance) called Vocal Processing Techniques (VPTs). A client may have just a passive treatment, just an active treatment or a combination.

A passive treatment is very much like a personal voice bath. After a sharing and exploration of what you are bringing to the session and would like to work on, you are invited to lie comfortably on the couch while I create a series of vocal tones and overtones, designed as a treatment personal to you. People often find this a very enjoyable, relaxing experience and may enter into a very deep state similar to that of meditation or just before falling asleep and may experience feeling warm, seeing colours, having imagery, a distortion in time or personal insight as they enter an altered state of consciousness. You are invited to observe your experience as a compassionate witness during the treatment.

At the end of the treatment I will play a series of grounding percussion instruments to gently bring you back from your relaxed state and afterwards you will be invited to share how that was for you. If we are doing a partly active treatment I can then offer some exercises (VPTs) for you to do in the session and or as homework between sessions, depending what is felt will be of most benefit to you.

A purely active treatment involves a similar sharing and exploration of the issues brought to the session and then I can offer exercises (VPTs) for you to do using your breath, voice, visualisations and movements depending on what I feel will be most helpful to explore, express and transform.

Working in this dynamic way with your own voice really can be truly powerful work.

View Drum Therapy
Drum Therapy One to One

1hr30min £60.00
1hr £45.00

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The drum is ancient, universal and almost certainly the oldest instrument in the world. It has been used ceremonially and shamanically in almost every culture. Its power is strong and deep.

The BAST method of drum therapy includes Rhythm of Life, Drum Journey and a wonderful Drum Massage.

Drum Massage can be particularly helpful for pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. As well as described as being very relaxing, calming, focusing and centering, clients report enjoying the feel of the strong vibrations on their body.

The Rhythm of Life is a wonderful tool to explore the feel of your day to day activities and to then prescribe a specific therapeutic rhythm which I will play in the session and which you can then use between sessions (you do not need a drum but if you have one it is great to use to play this for yourself). The rhythm can be played close to the body or as in the drum journey, played away from the clients body.

All the techniques help induce an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC), a deep trance-like state, akin to deep meditation during which numerous physical and psychological benefits can occur.

Drum therapy can be good for muscle or bone pain, arthritis, muscle tension, stress-related symptoms, general relaxation and physical pain. I have also had success helping clients with insomnia. A recent study by Barry Bitman MD showed drum circles a group of people drumming together boosts the immune system and actually increases cancer killing cells. Other studies have shown group drumming to have a calming, focusing and healing effect on autistic children, and alzheimers patients.

I help you explore how your issue is manifesting in your system and plan a treatment accordingly. You lie down on the therapy couch while I play the drum and depending on method used will either play the drum nearby or close to your body as in eg drum journey. Afterward I invite a sharing of your experience and offer you a homework rhythm and or breathing exercise to move forward.

View Sound Bath
Sound Bath

1hr £15.00

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Time to relax and restore. Apart from the deep nourishing relaxation and the enjoyment of being bathed in sound, benefits people often experience are increased sense of self awareness, feeling more connected to self and life, feeling cleansed or clearer, reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control. You may also receive information or insight regarding a problem or question.

During this sort of sound work, as the brainwaves entrain to a slower rhythm, we enter a state of consciousness akin to meditation where stress hormones lower, blood pressure and heart rate drop and the brains sodium and potassium levels can be balanced. In this state, cellular regeneration can also occur.

The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound a much easier way to achieve this kind of state than by meditating.

There are mats and blankets and pillows at the Centre, though you may wish to bring your own. Please also bring a bottle of water. Booking Essential. 12 or Earlybird price 10.

View Sound Bath
Sound Bath 1:1 Sound Therapy with Himalayan Bowls and Gong

1hr30min £85.00
1hr £75.00

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Its called a Soundbath (or Sound Bath) because people feel a bit like they are being bathed (or enveloped or cocooned) in the sound. Everyone lies down and gets comfortable then the instruments are played quite quietly at first. The Himalayan Singing Bowls are gentle and usually experienced as soothing and nurturing. Gradually big Gongs come in, quietly at first, building the sound up and down in waves. At the climax they get really quite loud, what we call the fire which people tend to feel as exciting, powerful and cleansing. At the end there is a series of graduated percussion instruments, to bring you back to a more grounded waking state and then a few minutes silence.

We play in a very specific way to create a deeply relaxed state very much like meditation or daydreaming. In this type of state the body relaxes, heart rate and blood pressure drop and stress hormones fall. Most common experiences are deep relaxation, positive mood, colours behind the eyes, as well as dreamlike experiences, personal insights, and even what people have described as Spiritual experiences.

Naomy is qualified in the BAST method of Sound Therapy where there is over 20 years of research and development into which sound techniques are most relaxing and best facilitate the meditative type state. Most people find sound a much easier way to achieve this type of state than meditation. During a Therapeutic Soundbath a reflective process helps discover the thoughts and feelings around the problem (pain, emotional distress, life challenge, illness etc. As with one to one Sound or Voice Therapy, almost any issue can be treated). Then in the state created by the sound, this usually begins to shift.

After the treatment people often feel a long way from how they did at the start, often gaining a new perspective and can receive important insights into themselves and their lives. From this positive state they are supported in how to move forward. A Therapeutic Soundbath is a great way to experience Sound Therapy as we work very much as we would in a one to one session. People like being able to work more deeply than the purely relaxing soundbath meditation.

One to one can work more deeply still and tailor the treatment to the individual. The exploration can be more thorough and the sounds will be a more specific prescription. As a Sound and Holistic Voice Therapist Naomy works with Gongs, Bowls, Drum and Voice. Each instrument creates a different kind of meditative state and is felt differently in the body. Gongs and Drum are felt very physically for example and therefore can be particularly helpful for pain and physical tension, though Gongs are also good to help with old patterns and emotional challenges. I would play the gongs very differently if someone was coming for stress and anxiety than I would if it was say for anger-related issues or for feeling stuck in life. They are big gongs, played one at each end of the couch, its important they be played very sensitively and if someone suffers from anxiety, even if it wasnt what we were working on, I wouldnt go into the fire.

The Himalayan bowls, (sometimes known as Tibetan Bowls) are more gentle, so might be indicated for example when someone is feeling more sensitive or upset and is more in need of nurture or soothing, though we often also combine them with the gongs as we do in the Soundbath if appropriate. A Himalayan Bowl treatment on its own can consist of a lovely vibrational massage with the large bowl, on the back and/or arms, legs or feet before moving into an off-body sound treatment. Again, it can be good for pain and tension in any of those areas or just as a lovely treat! You dont have to have a particular problem or issue to come for Sound Therapy, as it is found to be inherently relaxing and very enjoyable.

View Reiki

1hr £45.00

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Distance or in person energy treatment, Reiki-Seichem lineage. This is a very gentle and relaxing treatment where I allow healing universal energy to.come through my hands to where it is needed in your body, energy body, emotions. It works just as well, if not better even from a distance. Can help pain, emotional support and when you need some nurture or a boost.

View Shamanic Journey
Shamanic Journey Women\\\'s Shamanic Healing

1hr £55.00

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Using a combination of deep listening, guided journeying, sound and movement practices, connection to allies and Mother Earth, I assist you connecting with and receiving your own information and healing. We can also work with archetypes and the power of your menstrual cycle as well as re-empower and re-enchant the important phases in your life such as menarche, partnership, birth, enchantress, moonpause crone phase and also assist with loss and grief

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