About Morag

I am a holistic therapist embracing various modalities to support and hold sacred space for you.

Gently guiding to a place where you can reconnect to your true nature and reawaken as your perfect true self.

Nothing can overwhelm you when you know who you truly are.

Morag's Treatments

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Facial Ayruvedic Facial

1hr £55.00
1hr30min £70.00

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Ayurvedic Facial

This treatment goes so much deeper than facial. I have had this treatment described as yoga for your face.

All products used in this treatment are natural organic products.

After gentle cleansing your face I use o Almond oil to treat you to a fairly firm face massage using pressure points and ancient massage techniques to release tension being held in the face and to replenish your natural glow. You will also receive a beautifully relaxing scalp massage during this treatment.

At the end of the treatment you will receive an application of magical face serum containing aromatherapy oils and the power of crystal energy.

"I always feel better after I have visited Morag, she takes her time to listen to me and finds out what I need. She is a very special therapist

Sue Hogg

The treatment is finished off with a relaxing Chakra balancing Reiki session to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

You can extend the treatment to include a full Reiki Session and Reflexology Foot Massage after the extended session you will really feel you are walking on air.

View Reflexology

1hr £55.00

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Reflexology can be given on either the hands or feet. Most people prefer to receive a treatment on their feet along with the wonderful foot massage that I provide after the reflexology treatment.

You have over 600 nerve endings on your feet and reflexology works by stimulating these pressure points to release stress and activate your bodys own natural healing abilities.

The treatment is deeply relaxing, and you will feel soothed, calm and less stressed by the end of your session.

"I find the reflexology massage to be not only relaxing but helped to relieve the tension in my shoulders. Morag explains what part of the body is affected by the treatment and is extremely knowledgeable. I was very sceptical about treating other parts of the body through your feet but it is very strange how quickly the treatment works."

Sarah Brighton

If you feel stuck in life, then often a series of reflexology session will help you move forward.

View Maternity Reflexology
Maternity Reflexology

1hr £55.00

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I am a fully qualified Maternity Reflexologist and have a depth of experience supporting clients through conception, pregnancy and post pregnancy.

Often the stresses of modern life throw you body out of natural balance and thus can impact fertility, deep relaxing reflexology treatments can help restore your bodys natural balance.

"What can I say I have been through a very difficult time in my life and know I would of ended up on anti-depressants if it had not been for the kindness and support Morag showed me during my Consultations with her. She has done so much for me."

Emma East Grinstead

View Reiki

1hr £55.00
1hr30min £70.00

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Reiki is such a blissful way to go on a journey of deep relaxation

Having supported clients for over a decade with this gentle healing art I can bring you back to place of balance and alignment.

I now invite you to enjoy a deeply nourishing and healing Reiki session with me. Reiki is intelligent energy working with your bodys own healing mechanism to bring mind, body and soul into alignment.

I have a wealth of experience helping clients gently release trauma being held in the body including complex PTSD.

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I chose to train using the traditional Usui method of Reiki.

However, I do channel other Celestial energies as well as Reiki. At the beginning of each session you will set the intention for what you would like to receive from the session.

Thank you Morag I am very grateful for this powerful transformation. I would recommend this healing from you to anyone. Love and Peace Joanna "

If you have never experienced Reiki before I encourage you to book three sessions to receive the full transformation this treatment can offer. I offer a discount if three session are booked. You can book your discounted sessions when you make your initial booking of after your first session.

Love and Blessings

View Reiki Attunements
Reiki Attunements For levels 1,2 and 3

4hr £150.00

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Reiki Attunements Levels 1, 2 and 3

Each Course last 4 hours and cost 150 you will receive a certificate and manual at the end of each course.

The world would be a better place if more people learned Reiki.

Reiki is a magical gift that is available to everyone.
I teach traditional Usui system of natural healing.
Whichever course you are looking to book, all my Reiki training are personalised just for you and run on a one-to-one basis.

My years of experience teaching Reiki have taught me different students need something different from the day.

So why choose me for your Reiki Mentor?

Because I am exactly that, a Mentor helping draw the best of you out of you. Of course, you will receive all the knowledge and attunements you need for your Reiki course.

I teach what I feel is the purest form of Reiki, which is Usui Reiki.

Reiki is such a wonderful healing art that it is transformative by its very nature, so you will transform on your Reiki journey. You will literally invite light into your own life and that invitation alone will gently shift you, so you are more in alignment with your true nature.

Old hurts and blockages holding you back in life will be softened and healed simply by learning and using Reiki on yourself.

Life becomes less of a struggle and more of a joy.
As you continue on your Reiki journey you will blossom and bloom.

I look at teaching you Reiki as just the beginning. As a spiritual mentor I can give ongoing support to you as you grow.

There are many benefits to embracing Reiki as part of your life, its so simple to learn, non-religious and once you are attuned its with you for life.

"Now I feel strong and happy and alive! And am grateful for everything I have in my life! You have been and are a such an inspiration to me! Thank you so much for all your love and support, I am truly grateful! - Lots of Love and abundant rainbows of joy and gratitude"

Reiki level 1
Reiki 1 will support your own journey back to your heart and help support your loved ones. What a beautiful gift to yourself!

Just think how you will feel living in a more relaxed way and living life more in flow. You will feel happier, more creative and have more energy for yourself and others.

Once you are attuned to Reiki and can access universal energy you can use it in a hundred ways.
Help you relax and deal with stress.
Keep you focused and in the flow.
Soothe away pain and discomfort.
Help your loved ones or your children sleep at night.

You can never give too much Reiki once you are trained. Imagine how beautiful it will be to treat yourself, friends, family and even plants. Yes, thats right you can even use it to make your garden grow.

Reiki 2

So, are you ready for the next stage of your journey?
Lets jump right in and create the perfect day for you. It makes no difference to the course if you are a returning student or started your Reiki journey with a different teacher.

You will receive further attunements today and learn the power of Reiki symbols.

You will also learn how to use Reiki as a distance healing tool.
Your self-healing from Reiki 1 has prepared you to open up to the powerful transformative energy of Reiki 2.

You are the narrator of your own story. Just decide where you want to go.

Reiki 3 ( Reiki Master Practitioner )

Allows you to explore the world of Reiki at a deeper level.

Some students want to progress to this level as they have a passion for sharing Reiki with the world. Other students commit to this course for their own self-development. Both reasons are perfect for choosing this training.

I found Reiki 3 the most powerful of all my attunments as it opened my world up and shifted me at a cellular level.

You will receive a further two powerful attunments during your Reiki 3 course.

We will also explore other forms of Reiki and the symbols used.

Reiki Master

Please contact me if you wish to discuss Reiki Master Training
the time and cost various from individual to individual.

View Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage

1hr £55.00

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Indian Head Massage with Reiki

The ancient art of Indian Head Massage is magical. Freeing you from deep held tension in your head neck and shoulders.

Although fully certified in the UK I was first introduced to the wonders of Indian Head Massage by a blind practitioner who treated me in India and incorporate some of what he taught me into my treatments.

"I had never had any sort of holistic treatment before but I was suffering from shoulder and neck ache so booked a Indian head massage WOW not only was the tension relived in my neck and shoulders but Morag has a unique gift of making you feel better."
Connie Warlingham

All treatments can be done with or without oil and finished off by a gentle chakra balancing Reiki session.

View Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions
Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions

1hr30min £70.00

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Reiki and Sound Healing Soul Journeys

The combination of Reiki and Sound is truly transformative. I can only describe it as creating a portal or opening where you can fully connect to your own essence or a journey back to your soul.

With these deeply relating sessions you will release tension being held deep within you. The feeling at the end of a session is spacious and blissful.

You can set your own intention at the beginning of a session or choose from the list below.

Paddle in the Shallows
One Hour of Deep Relaxation forging a connection with your true self cost 50.00

Choose from various journeys back to the soul. A mix of sound, energy work and therapeutic sharing.
Journeys of Awakening
Journeys of Awakening are Guided and Supported Life
enhancing experiences.
Pilgrimages of Love back home to your Soul.
Through Journeys of Awakening you find your song and
bring it back into your life.
Feeling into your inner mythology and finding your Bliss.

There are several unique and personally attuned Journeys of Awakening.

'Living Life Alive'
'Transformation Rainbow Path'
'Regenerate Rejuvenate & Revitalise'
'Mystical Path of Sound'
'Space to Thrive'
'Wild & Divine'
'Wellness & Energy Balancing'
'Immersion into Clarity'

Each journey has its own qualities. All journeys of Awakening bring clarity, Inner Peace, Restorative Potential, Serenity, Transformation and Renewed Vitality & Vibrancy.

"Morag what can i say apart from how great i feel after our session today! You are an amazing being and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me today. Your non judgement and wisdom made me feel safe and open enough to share things that i have not done with anybody. I am thankful i now have an English role model. Thank you for helping me connect again with the light in myself and in others which had dimmed over time. You are truly an angel in a human body disguise. with love and most importantly gratitude"

Each journey last 3 hours and costs 135.00

View Intuitive Soul Readings
Intuitive Soul Readings

1hr £60.00

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Discover your own inner mythology. I use soul information, oracle cards, and psychic abilities to reveal the answers that you are holding to your own questions.

I was born with that natural ability as a seer and reader of energy. As a child I thought everyone could feel and sense the things I did.

We all sometimes need help with finding clarity and guidance in our lives.

During a reading I will connect to you at soul level and use Oracle cards when guided to help share with you the information I am receiving.

All the information comes from you are your higher knowing I am just helping you connect to your own inner wisdom.

"Morag exemplifies true and humble professionalism in a most precious and gifted expression of care and compassion, always inviting her clients to the very best of who they are. Whilst ever holding space for gentle expansion, she will never shy from evoking the best within each person who sits with her."

This is the most beautiful work for me supporting your transformation as you connect and receive clarity from me on areas of your life that you are seeking support and understanding with.
My wish is to help you connect to your full potential you hold within you in all areas of your life.

" Morag is a wonderful healer and intuitive and is my go-to one stop shop for me whenever I need physical or emotional support" Sian

View Divine Feminine Invitation
Divine Feminine Invitation

1hr £60.00

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An Invitation to connect with the Divine Feminine

I am offering you an invitation to journey with me and reweave the sacred threads that connect you to the divine light that shines within you.

The Divine Feminine within you has always been with you and always will be with you. There is nothing to learn or look for outside of you for transformation. I work with the energy of Gurus, Goddesses and Saints to awaken the divine within you.

Within us all we hold the power of creation, connect with it and bring it into your everyday life and unleash the wise women that you are.

It has been shared with me that part of my dharma or soul path was being a Doula or Midwife of the Sacred Feminine Divine I invite and support women in birthing and expressing their most wise and holy expression of themselves.

My mission is to guide women to form their own circles and sacred spaces where individually or with their sisters the divine feminine can be celebrated and nourished.

Women have awakened to the knowing that they have lost connection with the feminine and divine within and now its time to come home to self.

When you attune to the moon cycles, walk with the seasons and wake up you own intuition you start to feel more alive and whole again.

Connect and be nourished by your own sexual energy.

Find your inner glow and build a beautiful relationship with self.

Embrace living in a natural and wholistic way in communion and nourishing the feminine energy of the planet.

I find the more time I spend in nature the more I feel the feminine energy of the planet ripple through me as a constant reminder as to how soft and nourishing the powerful creative energy of the feminine is.

The feminine voice of the ocean. The energy of plants, early morning whispers from the earth and communing with the rising of the sun are nutrients you can gain for your journey from your environment.

Sessions are available from 50 for an hour discounts are available when a contract of ten sessions are booked.

I also offer half and full days of transformation. Clearing blocks healing old hurts and connecting with energies that make you feel truly joyous and alive again. Please contact me to discuss your day.

Half day 3 hours 150.00. Full day 5 hours 225.00

View Soul to Soul Healing
Soul to Soul Healing

1hr £60.00

Contact Morag to book

Soul to Soul Healing

Soul to Soul healing is a beautiful way of keeping your emotional and physical well-being in check.

Negative energies and old emotions from your own energy field can be felt and cleared.

By supporting clients who wish to be released from old hurts and traumas of their lifes story I give them the opportunity to evolve into their full potential.

The support I offer also helps with any day to day challenges in your life and also provides you with love and support if you are on your own spiritual journey.

Morag is an AMAZING healer and spiritual guide. My session was really powerful. I was surprised at how good she really is. I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking for long distance Tracy xxxx.

My personal path is to empower you to be yourself. if you need support on finding harmony in your daily life and want to experience deep healing then I encourage you to book a Soul to Soul Healing Session with me.

During this soothing and supportive process, I take your soul into mine giving me a greater understanding on what energies need to be balanced and healed.

Most imbalances that make you feel physically out of alignment are due to old emotions that are "stuck" in the body.

This healing is very profound but does require a commitment from the client to deal with any emotions brought into their awareness during this process.

This is a sharing between two people filled with great compassion and love.

Morag is a powerful catalyst for soul growth and healing. Come to her when you are ready to do so. She will guide you to whatever it takes to overcome your blocks in healing your soul. When you get a reading with her it integrates into your own power empowering you to move through your blocks and future blocks. It doesnt end with the reading you somehow can now begin to call your own power home. A true master will always direct you back to yourself. Thankyou Morag, for showing me the way home. I am eternally grateful ~ Rebecca

Many emotions such as fear doubt anxiety and guilt hold us back and may come up as you shed the layers of your social conditioning.

The intention I set at beginning of every healing, is to help you move forward in the very best way you can physically, mentally and spiritually.

Morag, thank you so much for my recent healing session. You picked up with great accuracy the issues going on for me at the time. During the healing I felt a sense of being enveloped in love and the very next day I felt weight being lifted from me and a sense of calmness that I haven't felt for a long time. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. Thanks again Morag for your kindness. Marie Green. Bournemouth UK

When we unlock old hurts and imbalances held deep at our core level and bring them to the surface to be healed then old self-sabotaging patterning can be released.

This very powerful and transformational way of healing. Only by connecting with you at a deep energetic level can I truly precisely feel the imbalances that are being held at physical, emotional or soul level. During this process I can establish a deep understanding of the emotions that are causing hindrances in your life.

I loved it!! I booked Morag because I felt a little flat and wanted to do something nice for myself. During the Soul to Soul healing session I felt very happy, but the real gift was that I got aligned with my true self and my core values and with Morags healing. Big gratitude Morag!! Thank you. I highly recommend. Sus Medusa, Denmark

View Spiritual Mentoring
Spiritual Mentoring

1hr £75.00

Contact Morag to book

Joy is our nature, beauty surrounds us, and we all deserve to let life fully touch us."

I look forward to working with you and opening your heart to life and joy.

By identifying the true cause of stress and distress in our lives and by seeing how our mind interprets events which contribute to our discomfort, we open the door to a life of joy and bliss.

My joy is in helping support you in opening the Doorway to the Rest of your Life.

Blessings and Smiles to all who choose to dance with me.
Consultations start from just 50 for one hour.

The majority of my clients choose to book a contract of 10 Session which costs just 450

In therapy I gently guide clients into living life alive. You will feel a deeper Intimacy of Communion and a sense of inner Joy and Peace blossoming in your life.

Mental and emotional tensions can be cleared from your life - as these tensions release you feel a renewed sense of Harmony and Spaciousness within.

You will have more Energy for Living, your body feels lighter, you begin to perceive a deeper sense of clarity and keenness of perception.

Consultations open the doorway to: -

Welcome parts of your body back into consciousness.

Attune to the primordial wisdom within your body.

Deepen the breath and open to new levels of Health and Harmony.

Vibrate with a renewed Intuitive Awareness.

Discover the joys of Choosing Living Foods pulsing with Life and Vitality.

If your intention is to feel a deeper Harmony in Life - Consultations can open the doorway to wellness.
So much has opened up for me by my own dear Spiritual Mentor honouring me by passing her flame of love to me and naming me her successor.

My heart is full of joy and glowing pride as I share my appreciation of Morag Turners transformational journey work.
These journeys are an accumulated expression of her lifes work and dedication to truth and expanded consciousness.
I have known and worked with Morag for many years, as student, client, and friend, and I have personally experienced her profound gift of professional expressions of a unique blend of therapies and experiential wisdom offered with dedication to authentic and integral ways of working.

I now lovingly endorse Morag as a co-worker, who interacts with all her clients with the deepest integrity.

As I find my life taking me into an expression of retirement. It is my satisfied joy to know that Morag will continue to serve, nourish and nurture her clients as I feel I have done throughout my life as a therapist, teacher and spiritual guide.

Morag exemplifies true and humble professionalism in a most precious and gifted expression of care and compassion, always inviting her clients to the very best of who they are. Whilst ever holding space for gentle expansion, she will never shy from evoking the best within each person who sits with her.

Ideally to fully appreciate this opportunity of gifting yourself the very best I would encourage you to explore a Journey subsequently followed by a short contract of several sessions to feel the accumulative and transformation evolutionary thrust that is potentially present for each sincere being who finds themselves blessed to meet and work with Morag.

Morag, even though my words might evoke a blush from your humble expression, please know and feel that I so lovingly and fully encourage you in this work, taking the light to all those ready to reacquaint themselves with their true beingness.

Thank you, Morag, for being one of the best of the best
Ruth Shivani Allen

What my Clients say about me
Your love and support over the years has smoothed my path so much... truly love u xxx"

" Thank you for the great session. I really feel I can move forward with things. You really are brilliant!"

"IT is all thanks to you that I am here right now, living in bliss! I only wish more people could honour their own spirit to flow with you into the beauty of their souls and abundant life that is within them without fear holding onto it in the guise of money!!

I am so sure that the transformation will happen more readily amongst people who are feeling the need when they are ready!

I know when I get the know-how and the right portal together, I would love to promote you!!! as it was through word of mouth that I found you, and I would love to feel that others connect and thrive through your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am 30 years old, a mother, a partner, and living my bliss!!! in my dharma!!! and when I came to you, I was so alone and shrouded in bulimia and many coverings of the soul!! thank you Morag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

View Meditation

1hr £55.00

Contact Morag to book

Meditation Guidance

As a qualified and experienced Meditation Teacher I can offer guided meditation one to one sessions.

After I short conversation to clarify what the intention of the session is, I will guide you into a meditative state using breathing and relaxation techniques my voice and Tibetan and crystal bowls.

You will reach a deep meditative state where you will experience deep relaxation.

If you would like to learn to meditate on your own, I can offer you guidance and suggest various meditation techniques to help you.

View Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression Akashic Reading

1hr £60.00

Contact Morag to book

Past Life Regression or Akashic Readings our journeys back into past lives so that reconnect with memories of your Soul.

Together we create a sacred space so you can reconnect with your gifts and wisdom from past lives. I can also support you with healing from events in past lives

These gentle sessions can often get to the root cause of patterns not serving you in this life and remove them by the root.

" Love in abundance to you Morag. Thank you so much for your guidance and love. You truly are wonderful being of light our journey gave me clarity and I feel a deeper connection with self ~Rachel"

View Distance Healing
Distance Healing

30min £30.00

Contact Morag to book

During these uncertain times I have been able to offer clients the joy of distance healing, which is both deeply nourishing and convenient.
It also means once you have been brought to a deep place of relaxation you dont have to worry about driving or getting home. Instead you can just be, which is such a blessing.

Let me create a sacred space for you to rest your bones upon the earth and be nourished.

Many clients enjoy my intuitively guided sessions, trusting me to weave together distance healing sessions from different holistic modalities. If you require a specific type of healing please let me know.

The list below provides guidance on sessions that I am often asked for but does not fully express the work that I do. You are a beautiful unique being so the session I create with you will also be unique.

Usui Reiki Using the traditional Usui system of distance healing.

Soul to Soul Healing Creating space for my Soul to heal yours.

Past Life Regression Reclaim lost parts of yourself.

Akashic Records Reading Lets dive deep into your soul and see if we can find the root cause of patterning that no longer serves you.

Death and Rebirth Ceremonies To support you in moving forward in life.

Selkie and her Skin working on selflove and acceptance

Chakra Cleaning and Balancing Energising and relaxing

Heart Opening Guiding you home to the beauty and love in your own heart.

Deep Nourishing Relaxation Bringing you to a place where you can make profound changes in your life.

Spiritual Mentoring Gently guiding you to a place where you reawaken as your perfect true self.

Sound Bath / Sound Healing Using Crystal and Ancient Tibetan singing bowl to facilitate deep relaxation and a connection to self.

Guided Meditation Learn how to journey to a deep meditative state.

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Morag's Payment Preferences

Morag prefers a BACS Transfer or can send you a invoice paypable by credit card for payment in full 48 hours before your treatment.

Morag Turner
Reiki Soul Healing Past Life Regression

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