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Hello my name is Lee Lickorish.
Im a CRB checked Internationally recognised UK registered health coach and have been practising in the Kent area for the past 5 years and an active member of the UK Health Coaches Association for the past 2 years.

Focusing on a combination of Taoist, Ayurvedic and scientific prospectives, tailored to fit our Western lifestyle.
 Practices that have been working for human beings for over 5000 years.

Plus offering the only DNA test that offers real-time results that can predict a person's future health timeline, what diseases one is likely to contract a bit further on down the line, based on DNA markers current lifestyle choices. Thus giving clients tailored guidance and support to change that future prediction, to the best possible outcome.

The Taoist Approach
Today in the Western world the medical industry have catalogued more than 12000 different symptoms relating to disease. And created 12000 different pharmaceutical Solutions, a pill for every ill.
The Taoist approach is a much simpler modality. The focus of care is placed on the five major organs once this is done in a balanced way these organs do exactly what they designed to do, take care of the 12000 symptoms catalogued by the Western medical industry.

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Health Coaching 1 to 1 Health Coaching
In today's fast-paced Society stress levels can be at an all-time high and as a result, our health can be greatly impacted by this. It's obvious collectively we have major health challenges at epidemic levels. Choosing the right tools to deal with these challenges is the key to the return to health and wellness.

Epigenetic DNA testing is one of those such tools as it offers real-time targeted Solutions for a person's health challenges.

What's the difference between standard DNA testing and epigenetic DNA testing?

Standard DNA testing analyses the static genetics the DNA you were born with, then based on this analysis health advice is given.

Where has epigenetics DNA testing utilises Next-Generation sequencing which shows how our genes and DNA are changing over time which gives a far more accurate data so more targeted and accurate health advice can be giving then actioned.

Epigenetics testing utilising Next Generation Sequencing is taking DNA testing to a whole new level, offering real-time results as well as accurately predicted outcomes.

This also takes into account your geographical location which is an important factor when it comes to the expression of your genes and analysing of your DNA accurately.

It clearly shows how ill health is directly linked to food, lifestyle and environment choices, that in most cases can be changed.

This is, in fact, the only DNA test that views you as an adult and not a baby as it analyses real-time data showing how food, lifestyle and environment effect have your genes express themselves from moment to moment. As an example, if you were ageing too fast it showed up within this test.

Epigenetic testing is not just a run-of-the-mill DNA test. Utilising the powerful next-generation sequencing a profile is created about an individual's environment and lifestyle choices which show up in their DNA creating an overall picture of health.

To date, it is the only DNA test that offers a clear understanding of not only when you were born but also the changes made over time due to your food, lifestyle and environment choices that can have a significant impact on your long-term health and quality of life.

There are six main categories I support you with that have a major impact on your long-term health and how the genes within your DNA are expressed. Determining whether you age fast or slow, poor health or good health.

1) Food and drink choices
2) The type of exercise
3) Sleep and rest
4) Relationships
5) Immediate environment
6) Life purpose

After the epigenetic results come in we then sit down and formulate achievable steps based on the 6 categories mentioned above to prevent the onset of the predicted illnesses and outcomes. Then six months down the line test again to see how well you've done, how you've managed to alter your physiology and navigate yourself away from any predicted illnesses.

Taking Immediate Action is the key to creating sustainable lasting change resulting in a happier healthier more fulfilled experience of life.

How do we take the test?
Taking the test is simple, just spit some saliva into a tube which I provide and send off for analysis. The test should be taken in the morning in your home environment.

It takes a maximum of 8 weeks and in some cases sooner for the results to come back.

Together we go through your epigenetic data formulating a plan then create targeted achievable action steps. This has a very positive and powerful effect on the body and mind where you not only feel the results in your body see the results achieved. This is a very powerful and empowering practise, renewing health and confidence.

Highest Industry standards
The epigenetic test Laboratories are world-class in their operation and are ISO accredited meeting all global regulatory standards.

Data Protection
The data protection is very strict. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone without your consent. Emotional Eating
Our eating habits are massively linked to or emotional system. As a real-time example, during the morning of 911 wheat intolerance massively increased by 1700% simply because a large number of the population was eating breakfast when disaster struck.

Bespoke Health Support
We are all individuals so we require an individualized approach to our health challenges if we have any chance of creating sustainable lasting change.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
It is far easier to prevent a health disaster then fix it. Installing a few simple health practices within your daily routine may save a lot of pain discomfort and hard work later.

Eat Too Live, Eat To Die. Know the Difference!
Taking not only an Ayurvedic but also a scientific approach to food is a powerful Ally on the road to optimal health and healing. I come across people often that believe they eat a healthy diet and are shocked to find out what they believed was healthy eating is harmful.

Weight Loss
If a person has gained is gaining weight is always a symptom of something else. It is the body communicating with the mind saying there's something out of alignment and needs attention. Once we discover what that something else is, the body stabilisers and the symptom is weight loss.

Sacred Systematic Soul Retrieval (SSSR)
Through my research and experience of different healing modalities over the years I have been able to create a modality which is targeted and very powerful. I work at a very close level with my client where the timing of breath and posture is paramount. Both working with the same intention on the same outcome can be extremely expansive and healing.

Having faced my health challenges I have a clear idea of how difficult sticking to healthy choices can be.

If youre like most people, you probably start well. Then you begin to feel better, but forgetting about how low you felt, the unhealthy foods gradually creep back in and before you know it, youre back in the same old pattern.

Not only do you now feel tired, unhealthy and unwell, but some of your health issues that had begun to be better have also got worse again. You feel guilty, but not too disheartened. You try again but the same thing happens. You end up feeling hopeless, frustrated and overwhelmed because youre trying to figure out everything on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level of health that you hear so much about.

With so much tasty and addictive unhealthy foodless foods all around us, it can be near impossible to separate the truth from the lies of how to get free of them. We think we enjoy them so much its so hard. I've thought it myself why cant I eat just a little when I feel like it. How come other people manage to do it?

But its not your fault. One of the real reasons why healthy eating never lasts is because the food industry is making and advertising very addictive foods that are cheap and everywhere around us. Our busy lifestyles and the fact that unhealthy food also makes us tired means cooking real food from scratch is harder.

I can help you set achievable goals and support you to meet them. We take small steps together with steps that are chosen by you, so we know you can do it. We work with a method called crowding out so you dont stop everything all at once, you start adding healthy things in and gradually the less healthy ones slip away naturally. As you start to feel better from eating better and your confidence returns, meeting your goals becomes an upward spiral. We look at food, sleep, relationships, exercise and life purpose.
All these things are interconnected.

Unlike all the diets you may have tried in the past, this modality finds out what works for YOU as we are all completely individual. Having the support to identify your triggers and underlying emotional patterns added with the accountability of coaching is why health coaching is so effective.

It is my joy and passion to be able to share this making a real difference to peoples lives. We meet once per week in person, Text and phone support between sessions. Sessions can be held in person, once a week on the telephone, or via Skype.

Individual attention, confidential, tailor made.
Are you ready for transformation?
Call Lee 07419 312169

Reviews from the UK Health Coaches Association website

"Total transformation, when all felt lost."

"Couple of years ago I suffered a string of heart attacks and pneumonia that led to the end of me. A triple heart bypass later I was back at home. This left me with so many issues, both physically and mentally.
I needed to find an alternative to the ever increasing number of doors that were shutting on me through traditional medicine.
I signed up with Lee a few months ago, and slowly but surely, putting my trust in him, my life is now turning around at quite a speed.
I have just signed up for another term as things are going so well.
I use this analogy so much to describe what he does, "if you have a headache don't take a headache pill, find out why you have the headache and treat that.
I am almost pain free and have gone from struggling to tie my own shoelaces to being back on the basketball court with my son again. I recoiled from society because of how I was mentally and physically, now I'm back with the energy to take on whatever I want to."

Submitted by Jason Knott

"Improvements all round!"

"I've been lucky enough to have had several treatment sessions with Lee recently and have felt great relief after each one.
I have a myriad of health issues and symptoms but after Lee's treatments I have felt more energised, my facial palsy, numbness and muscle spasms have reduced and mental clarity has returned. I've also been sleeping much better since beginning these sessions. Lee is passionate and knowledgeable about the healing modalities that he uses which inspires great confidence and much needed hope. I may be only at the start of my healing journey but am happy to know and trust that Lee has set me on the right track."

Submitted by Tia Mac

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Cancellation Policy

 Any cancellations made 24 hours before the allocated time slot will be fully refunded or carried over. 

Cancellations made within 24 hours of your booking will be fully charged. 

 If you do not turn up for your booking without cancelling 24 hours beforehand you will be charged the full amount

 This policy is used as an incentive for clients to achieve their health goals.

Lee's Payment Preferences

Blocks of Three. I require a minimum of three payments 72 hours in advance of the first session date at 60 a session each session lasts 1 hour equating to 180. Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours of notice to avoid the loss.

Lee Lickorish
Creating effective holistic solutions

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