Naturopathic Nutrition

This is a brief generalisation and does not claim to represent the different styles, influence and nuance that each practitioner will bring to a session.

The concept of naturopathic nutrition lies in recognising that every-body is different in its response to the foods we ingest and the drinks we consumed. That our unique interaction with our environment, be it where we work, live and right down to the products we apply to the body and use in the home, affect and alter our well being.

The emphasis is on a return to wholesome food with a nutritional content. This allows the body to re-establish its pain/symtom free balance, along with regaining energy in each day, enjoying better sleep, simply not noticing your digestive process, just enjoying healthful food.

Food in its natural state has everything the body needs to heal. Whilst supplements are useful, the need for them merely indicates that the diet is insufficient in the first place.

Finding the balance in daily life for wholesome food, exercising and consciously relaxing the body and mind become the basis of a happier and healthier you.

During the initial consultation we take an in-depth look at your current health concerns, what type of foods and drinks you typically consume, when and how you eat. We then look at all areas, what is good and what can be improved in your current choices.
Then we discuss ways to help implement changes that will be for keeps, small changes, with results.
This is an assisted journey to establish long term benefits.

Available with: Sarah G Nutrition, Retreats

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