This is a brief generalisation and does not claim to represent the different styles, influence and nuance that each practitioner will bring to a session.

There are many streams of counselling. Generally it is a talking therapy which allows people to speak about their difficulties and issues in a safe and confidential space with a qualified practitioner. This enables the mind to move past the issue(s) and bring about effective change. The emotional and physical well being are often greatly improved.

If you are considering counselling take your time to read through the specialities of each counsellor you are drawn to. It is common practice to phone counsellors for a no obligation, brief chat first to ascertain if they can meet your needs. This is a really nice way to get a feel for the person in the picture.

Counselling may be the tool you need to explore, learn and ultimately make positive changes to your life.

Available with: Linda Bishopp Psychotherapy, Jenny Blain Counselling, Kirsty Austin Counsellor, Griffin-Monk Counselling

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