Ayurvedic Therapies

This is a brief generalisation and does not claim to represent the different styles, influence and nuance that each practitioner will bring to a session.

Ayurveda has been India's main method of medicine, both preventative & curative, for over 5,000 years. Its principles are simple; like increases like, unlike decreases like. (Heat increases heat, cold decreases heat)

Ayurvedic consultation differs from others. The physiological, physical & psychological aspects of the individual are all assessed to ascertain the Ayurvedic constitution (dosha). Treatment is then planned accordingly. Great emphasis is placed on the use of oils. Massage such as Abhyanga and Pinda Sweda are given. Lifestyle habits are reviewed. The aim is always to learn what creates imbalance and discomfort in the individual and then re-establish balance, health and vitality. Consultations are insightful and constructive. Treatments are luxurious, nurturing and healing.

The beauty of Ayurveda is that all treatments and advice are carefully considered to reflect your personal needs. An initial Ayurvedic consultation is required to progress onto a specific treatment for you.

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