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Warmest Welcome. My name is Hazel Grove. As a Shamanic practitioner of lifetimes I offer authentic Spiritual assistance in your journey of healing. Some of the benefits my work catalyses include Clarity, Guidance, Direction, Healing, Self-empowerment, Personal Discovery, and experience that we are indeed much more than just our physical bodies. All from your own direct experience.

All sessions are guided by both our higher selves and our Spirit Guides to allow us to work on whatever needs to be addressed the most importantly at that time.
All my Shamanic sessions can be either a one off or a succession dependant on the needs and requirements of the individual.

I invite you to look at my website for more information about myself and the assistance that is my joy to be able to offer.

You are also welcome to contact me by email or phone. I will be happy to give a 15 minute phone consultation.

Blessings and beauty

Hazel of the Grove x

Hazel's Treatments

View Re-membering Therapy
Re-membering Therapy (Multi-Dimensional Cellular Healing)

3hr £135.00
2hr30min £115.00
2hr £95.00

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Sessions range from 2hr 30min to 3hr.

This is a very in depth session that clears lifetimes of negative energy patterns and limiting belief structures. Your body is scanned and we work on the energy variances that present themselves at the session.. These can be for example entities, energies and Earthbound spirits that are attached, Spells or Hexes that have been placed on you, unhealthy attachments to others, Soul fragmentation and dark aspects of the collective conscious. All of these energetic nuances cause physical, emotional and mental maladies and keep repeating patterns in motion, because we unconsciously give energy to them. Once located, and the affects they have are discovered, these attachments are released and cleared.

In these sessions Past life is explored to uncover how a certain time and event relates to you and your issues today. Once the truth of the event is realised the energetics that attract the issue are resolved which then attracts new dynamics into your life. Mostly this also includes Karmic attachment with others. We can also contact and speak with any that have passed into the world of spirit to.

Release from ancestral burdens is also included in this session as well as clearing and balancing the chakras and bringing back any parts of the soul that have been missing.

A very powerful healing experience.

View Shamanic Journey
Shamanic Journey

1hr30min £75.00

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Sessions range from 1hr 30min to 2hr.

Shamanic Journey is an ancient technique of travelling to a place within in order to gain connection with, and experience and information from, ones higher self and ones Spirit Guide helpers.

Working with a consistent rhythm of drum beat, voice and imagery, sound, and a space made sacred with ceremony, the individual is guided to a place within themselves that is out of everyday consciousness. In this altered state of awareness the individual journeys with the intention he or she has set at the beginning of the journey. For example if the intention was to connect with their personal place of power, or meet with a spirit guide, or receive information , this is where the journey will take them.

It is within the Shamanic journey that one finds and receives their Personal Power Animal. This Animal Spirit Guide when found by the journeyer will be integrated into their auric body thus making a connection together on all levels of being. Support and guidance on how to work with the Animal Spirit Guide will be shared at the beginning of the session.

Whether it is a one off journey, or multi sessions to really work with journeying and receiving your own guidance, Shamanic Journey is powerful experiential tool that brings Healing , Insight, Direction , Clarity, and Self-Empowerment and a continuing connection with ones Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

View Didgeridoo Sound Healing
Didgeridoo Sound Healing

1hr30min £75.00

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A deeply relaxing. cleansing and clearing therapeutic sound bath and inner journey with the didgeridoo .

Working with the soul penetrating sound from this ancient indigenous instrument I locate, and dissipate energetic blocks that are held in around the body. This sound healing works on many different levels and each session is as unique as the individual. The sound from the didgeridoo is so ancient and tribal that it resonates deep within our core being and can extremely quickly induce a powerful inner journey.

There is a consultation at the end of the session to share and offer guidance and support with whatever has been experienced and received

A very unique healing experience.

View Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression

2hr £95.00
1hr30min £75.00

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These sessions focus solely on other lifetimes in which events that happened then still effect this lifetime. Once consciously realised how and what is the root cause of a particular issue in this lifetime, the energetic patterns and imprints are cleared. This brings about attracting different and new dynamics into the present.

Often times it is just the experience of going into other lifetimes that is requested. This is still therapeutic and highly beneficial as it gives one the experience and the knowing that we are much more than just our physical bodies. This in itself is both very empowering and enlightening to the individual.

View Soul Midwifery
Soul Midwifery

1hr £55.00
Figures are approximate
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A Soul Midwife is skilled in using ancient traditional techniques which include sound, smell, touch, guided journey and trained counsel and companionship to enable the passage of the dying to become accepted, explored and integrated. This Spiritual and psychological support promotes settlement, peace and dignity within the person that is dying and enables the passage of leaving this world to be a more calm and wholesome experience.

Time and content of my soul midwifery work is very much dependent on the individual, the stage they are at in their journey and their environmental factors. Sessions have ranged from a one-off to a consistent series of sessions over many months and have taken place in the homes of the dying person or their family homes, care homes and hospices.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding the dying one my gift is to bring experienced, confidential, neutral, spiritual and psychological support and guidance for the dying with love empathy and compassion.

View Ceremony

1hr £45.00

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Durations and prices vary from person to person.

A Ceremony is a sacred and beautiful experience to honour a special occasion. Throughout the ages since earliest times Ceremony has been a very important aspect in many ways in the lives of the individual, families, and the whole community.

Ceremony creates a link between the physical and spiritual, between the mundane and the sacred allowing a greater appreciation, understanding, reverence and connection with our inner and outer worlds, and thus creating an inner feeling of wholeness and well being. Ceremony can be created and held by an individual or in a group

Alongside the unique requirements of each person and with guidance from Spirit I assist in the creation of beautiful, bespoke, Sacred Ceremonies for any occasion.. The following is an example list of such special times for which Personal Sacred Ceremony is a wholesome and reverent way to mark a poignant time in ones journey.

Pregnancy; Birth; Naming; Rites of passage including Puberty/ Adolescence (girls beginning menstruation), birthdays, Anniversaries, Handfasting (marriage); moving into new home; End of Life (also please see Soul midwifing); Departure of a loved one; and, as a source of direct experience of connecting with Spirit/Energy realm, Higher Self and Nature.

View Clairvoyant Tarot Reading
Clairvoyant Tarot Reading

45min £45.00

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Sessions 45mins - 1hr.

The Tarot are mirrors for the soul, a compass for the psyche that assists one in gaining guidance clarity and insight to their current issues I offer Tarot readings for:

One person. One on one

A group, one to one readings

An event that may feel inspired to have me there doing Tarot readings.

View Space Cleansing
Space Cleansing

1hr £55.00

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I cleanse and clear energetic disturbances from ones environment. Whether the space feels negative or has physical noises and disturbances I have successfully cleansed many spaces of old energy and energetic activity. Most often there it is an earthbound spirit that needs assistance and guidance to leave that is causing the disturbance, or it could be that old energy from other people and events has stayed within the physical space. In each instance I offer experienced assistance to bring clearness and balance back into a space.

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Hazel's Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations made 48 hours before your appointment will be fully refunded. Cancellations made before 24 hours of your appointment will be allowed a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will be fully charged. If you do not turn up for your appointment without cancelling beforehand you will be charged the full amount.

Hazel's Payment Preferences

Full payment by Bank Transfer 72 hours before appointment date or 50% deposit by Bank Transfer 72 hours before appointment date and 50% cash at the time of treatment

Hazel Grove
Shamanic Practitioner

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