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I am a Certified Life Coach and a Mindful Eating and Body Acceptance Expert and the creator of the six session Heal Your Emotional Eating coaching programme that has helped many people address the root cause of their emotional eating and low body confidence. Prior to working as a Life Coach, I worked as a Therapeutic Social Worker in Health Care for over 10 years, including in end of life care. I have also been meditating for over 20 years and teaching meditation and mindfulness on a voluntary basis for a charity dedicated to bringing peace to the local community for over 10 years.

The Heal Your Emotional Eating coaching programme was born out of my own struggles with emotional eating and the freedom I have come to enjoy as result of travelling this healing journey. My desire is to help you travel the path to Food Freedom and Body Confidence and enjoy the best life you can.

Chelvi's Treatments

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Mindful Eating Coaching One to One Coaching to Heal Emotional Eating

1hr15min £60.00

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One to One Mindful Eating Coaching
Why is it that when you feel difficult emotions such as stress, fear and loneliness we turn to food
What type of painful feelings and thoughts drive you to eat the way you do
Are you longing for connection, satisfaction or love but instead use food to fill up the void
Can you tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger
​Is your relationship with food out of control and your weight spiralling
​Are you trapped in the over eat, starve, guilt and shame cycle
​Do you find yourself putting off living fully because you are waiting to get to the perfect body shape
What are your true needs that you are numbing your food
​Do you like your body
These questions highlight some of the core themes we will be exploring in our coaching sessions together.

What happens when we work together
1. Within a supportive, safe and non-judgemental coaching relationship between us, we aim to uncover which emotions, thoughts and past negative experiencestrauma are at the root of your unhealthy eating cycle.

2. Once this is clearly identified, I will coach and support you through a process of what I call liberating awareness, trauma releasing techniques and mind-set training, which may help you release and resolve the negative emotions and thoughts that are driving your emotional eating.
3. You will be coached in how to practically apply 'the hunger-fullness scale' as way of connecting and responding to your bodys need for nourishment and pleasure.

4. You will also learn about making peace with your body, by releasing your dissatisfaction and insecurities with your body.

5. Years of dieting and failing leaves us with a sense despair and feeling that change is impossible. Perhaps we have not resolved conflicting desires, which keeps us stuck. In getting to your desired outcome, I will coach you through a process by which you dont need to succumb to self-sabotage, and the critical inner voices of shame, guilt and despair, so that you can move towards the life you truly want to live.

6. As a result of working through this coaching programme, you may well find that many aspects of your life start to change for the better. This change can come through learning to meet your true needs without masking them with emotional eating.

7. You will learn skills for life that are able to empower you to stay in control of your relationship with food, free of any fear, shame and guilt. By using the skills you have learnt, you will be better placed to manage your weight more effectively without ever having to obsess about your weight, the scales etc.
What can I expect from coaching with Chelvi
Call me for a free half an hour consultation, to see if what I offer is what you are looking for. If I am not the right person for you, I will tell you right away.
If we decide to work together, we will decide on how many sessions (I recommend at least 4 sessions if our work together is going to be effective), and when. The sessions can be spaced out according to your needs. We need at least 7- 10 days' gap between sessions for you to train yourself in the skills that you are being coached through.
Sessions are 1 hour and 15 mins. In between sessions, you will have access to phone call support as and when needed. You will also have comprehensive hand outs and follow up material.
You will find me unconditionally supportive, accepting of your unique challenges and struggles. We will start from the place of where you are at, gently mapping and creating a vision of where you want to be, whilst I coach you through the skill sets that will make your vision a reality.
I will work in partnership with you, keeping your motivation up, building your resilience and self confidence, embracing all your challenges and set backs as opportunities for learning and growth. Our sessions will include accountability and habit tracking.
Although I have a pre-established programme we will work through, in a one-to-one coaching setting the sessions are tailored uniquely to you and your needs. I will be drawing upon my versatile skill sets to guide you closer to the outcome you want.

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Mindful Eating Coaching Group Coaching for Healing Your Emotional Eating

2hr £25.00

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The Power of the Group to Heal
Group coaching sessions are available for a group of 4-8 participants. They involve committing to attending all 6 sessions. Each session you will be coached through skills and mindsets that will heal your emotional eating.
Session 1: Unearthing the root cause of why we overeat.
Session 2: Who do I want to be
Session 3: What are you really hungry for​
Session 4: Learning to meet your true needs masked by emotional eating.
Session 5: Letting go of body dissatisfaction.
Session 6: Becoming a Mindful Eater; Learning to Eat Fearlessly

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Mindful Eating Workshops Heal Your Emotional Eating

3hr £65.00

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In this half-day workshop, Mindful Eating Expert, Chelvi will guide you through a process by which you will learn - in a practical manner - techniques that help you identify and let go of the emotional triggers that lead you into an unhealthy eating cycles.

After the workshop:
- You will have a clearer understanding of the emotional triggers that drive you into unhealthy eating cycles.
- You will have learnt strategies for working with difficult emotions and unresolved trauma.
- You will have learnt a new way of trusting and tuning into your body to meet its need for nourishment and pleasure.
- You will have learnt practical strategies for letting go of self-criticism, guilt and shame associated with your emotional eating.
- You will have comprehensive handouts and exercises to integrate into your life to heal your emotional eating.
- You will also have the opportunity to take up a free follow-up coaching session with Chelvi

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