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Soak Away Tiredness and StrainOrganic Oils Nourish at Cellular LevelRebalancing Activates HealingComforting WarmthSoothing Organic OilsSinging Bowls and Tibetan BellsRelieves CongestionBroome Park - Space to UnwindTreatments in the Trees!The Oak Room - Treatments and CounsellingThe Oak RoomThe Pod RoomReiki Session - Gentle and ProfoundThai Massage with SarahMassageMassage StonesHealing CrystalsSound BowlRelaxation and MindfulnessTibetan Sound BowlsMassageReiki
Soak Away Tiredness and Strain
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Ayurvedic TherapiesAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

CeremonyHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

Chakra Sound and Movement MeditationNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Clairvoyant Tarot ReadingHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

CounsellingLinda Bishopp Psychotherapy
Caroline A Counselling
FM Psychotherapy Counselling
Jenny Blain Counselling

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)Craniosacral Therapy

Day RetreatsAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Deep Tissue MassageCaroline Griffin Sports Massage

Didgeridoo Sound HealingHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

Drum TherapyNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Foot and Leg MassageAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Holistic Body MassageAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Anika Pilates, Physiotherapy

Holistic Voice TherapyNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Hopi Ear CandlesAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Hot Cold Stones MassageAnika Pilates, Physiotherapy

Integrative Bodywork TherapyHaya K Women's Sex Therapy

Integrative Sex Therapy for women Haya K Women's Sex Therapy

Introduction to Overtone SingingNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Kundalini YogaKent Kundalini

Life CoachingCarol Macey Life Coaching
The Therapists' Network
FM Psychotherapy Counselling
Maureen Dickie Coaching

Lomi Lomi MassageAnna S Lomi Lomi Massage

Manual lymphatic drainageAnika Pilates, Physiotherapy

MeditationAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Maureen Dickie Coaching

MindfulnessCaroline A Counselling

Naturopathic NutritionSarah G Nutrition, Retreats
Daniela Druce Nutrition

Past Life RegressionHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

Personal TransformationAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

PersonaltrainingAnika Pilates, Physiotherapy

PhysiotherapyAnika Pilates, Physiotherapy

PilatesAnika Pilates, Physiotherapy

Pregnancy MassageAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Lucy M Shiatsu, Yoga

PsychotherapyLinda Bishopp Psychotherapy
FM Psychotherapy Counselling

Re-membering TherapyHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

ReflexologySarah Vaughan Reflexology

ReikiAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Sarah G Nutrition, Retreats
Linda Bishopp Psychotherapy
Yoga teacher and reiki
Chantelle Kilpatrick Reiki
Alvaro Mitradeva Prem
Kent Kundalini

Reiki AttunementsAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Reiki TeacherAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Kent Kundalini

Sensitive MassageAlvaro Mitradeva Prem

Shamanic JourneyHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

ShiatsuLucy M Shiatsu, Yoga

Sivananda YogaSarah G Nutrition, Retreats
Angela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Soul MidwiferyHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy

Space CleansingHazel Grove Shamanic Therapy
Angela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Spiritual HealingLinda Bishopp Psychotherapy

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue TherapyCaroline Griffin Sports Massage

STREAMHaya K Women's Sex Therapy

SupervisionCaroline A Counselling

Taoist Breast TherapyHaya K Women's Sex Therapy

Thai Yoga MassageAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Sarah G Nutrition, Retreats

Thought Field TherapyLinda Bishopp Psychotherapy

Transformational Voice WorkNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Transformative coachingHolisticHealthCoach.uk

Voice BathNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Voice ScapeNaomy Browton Sound Therapy

Yin YogaSarah G Nutrition, Retreats

YogaAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies
Yoga teacher and reiki
Yoga with Ez - Ezgi Acar

Yoga Day RetreatAngela Oakes Yoga, Therapies

Please book your treatment with your chosen practitioner directly. You will find their contact details on their personal page.