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Sarah Vaughan Reflexology
Sarah Vaughan Reflexology

Reflexology £40.00

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Sarah first qualified as a reflexologist in 2013 after her own positive experiences with this therapy, and has since completed a second (ABC) diploma in reflexology.
She is now specialising in reflexology for fertility.


1hr £40.00

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-invasive holistic therapy that can be applied to either the feet or hands.
Reflexology works by helping to improve energy flow through the body, removing blockages and helping the body to heal and rebalance itself. It is great for relieving stress, which has a significant impact on many other areas of our health and well-being.

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Business: Natural Reflexions Holistic Therapies
Website: https:www.naturalreflexionsholistictherapies.com
Email: naturalreflexionstherapies@gmail.com
Phone: 01304 841096