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Sound Therapy
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Naomy Browton
Naomy Browton

Introduction to Sound Healing Workshop £10.00
Drum Journey (Group) £10.00
Voice Bath £10.00
Chakra Sound and Movement Meditation £8.00
Chakra Sound and Movement Workshop £12.00
Voice Scape £12.00
Transformational Voice Work Narrative Voice scape £13.00
Introduction to Overtone Singing £10.00
Holistic Voice Therapy £40.00 - £60.00
Drum Therapy £40.00 - £60.00

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I have been working with sound healing for almost 20 years, since first experiencing a didgeridoo massage. At first mostly intuitively, with drums, rattles and sacred voice work but also informed by sound healing texts from such teachers as Jonathan Goldman, Dielle Ciesco and James D'angelo. I have been offering experiential workshops around the country and at festivals for a number of years. I have also studied with shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman and healing voice teacher Jill Purce.

I completed my training in the BAST method of sound therapy, studying Holistic Voice Therapy, Drum Therapy and Group Voice Therapy and have found this method to be deeply transformative with clients on all aspects of being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I am both humbled and excited by its potential for very deep work. I have a degree in music and psychology and have undertaken training in counselling, NLP, hypnosis and lifemusic. I also teach piano cello and voice.

Introduction to Sound Healing Workshop

1hr30min £10.00

Introductory Workshop. Learn how to use rattles to cleanse the energy field 'sonic smudging' - really nice to give and to receive. Also experience the power of vocal toning with intention for healing for yourself, others and the Earth. Everyone will get the opportunity to lie or sit in the centre of the circle to receive from the group. Small group

Drum Journey (Group)

1hr30min £10.00

The drum is an ancient healing tool, used throughout the world. Set your intention for your journey maybe healing, information, inspiration, guidance, clarity or simply relaxation. The drum is very powerful, having the ability to help us enter a trance state where we can receive what we need to help us on our life journey. You may wish to bring your own blanket and pillow. Limited spaces, booking essential.

Voice Bath

1hr30min £10.00

In our busy lives it is so important to have time to relax! Come along, unwind and enjoy being bathed in the voice. Apart from the sheer enjoyment of the sounds, benefits people often experience are an increased sense of self awareness, feeling more connected to self and life, reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control. I use my voice to create long tones and overtones which helps facilitate a deep relaxed state, then gently bring you back with gentle percussion.

Chakra Sound and Movement Meditation

1hr £8.00

Part of the BAST method of Voice Therapy. Learn a sound for each chakra which we will sing together. The sounds themselves can also take you into a deep meditative state. An easy way to bring the benefits of a meditative practice. You will also learn movements which can deepen the work and that can be used as beautiful tai chi style sequence.

Chakra Sound and Movement Workshop

2hr £12.00

Part of the BAST method of Voice Therapy. Learn more about the chakras and how you can work with specific sounds that resonate with them and which can be used to help explore and clear issues associated with each chakra. We will sing them together and you will be invited to share and reflect on your experience if you wish. As the sounds themselves can also take you into a deep meditative state it is also an easy way to bring the benefits of a meditative practice. You will also learn movements which can deepen the work and that can be used as beautiful tai chi style sequence.

Voice Scape

2hr £12.00

Creative voice work can be fun, stimulating and therapeutic. We will do gentle warm ups and voice games and then collaborate on the vocal piece. Together the group creates a story based on a picture and then expresses that story using their voices to express whatever sounds feel appropriate. It is not necessary to 'sing' in the conventional sense unless you want to. Singing has been shown to have many mental, emotional and physical benefits including reduced stress hormones and increased feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This workshop is standalone but is also preparation for the transformative Therapeutic Voicescape workshop next month.

Transformational Voice Work Narrative Voice scape

2hr £13.00

A workshop to facilitate letting go of that which no longer serves - be that old patterns, limiting beliefs, grief, anger, overeating, smoking or whatever it is that gets in your way or you have outgrown. Release that which stops you being the person you want to be, stops you living the life of your dreams. No sharing of story needed, we focus on process.

We will do some gentle warm up exercises and then I will help you explore where in your system you are holding the energy of whatever it is you would like to release and then encourage therapeutic vocalisation.

Can be truly powerful transformative work. Small group to help hold and support each other's process.
All you need is comfortable clothes.

Introduction to Overtone Singing

1hr30min £10.00

Also called harmonic singing, overtone chanting or simply overtoning, this style of singing is where you produce more than one sound at a time. The tones are already there but using the shape of the mouth and tongue the other tones are amplified creating audible high pitched whistling type tone (or tones) above the main note. It is often described as otherworldly, magical and beautiful. It can facilitate trance journey meditative states even more than other types of vocal sounding such as toning in singer and listener alike and has its roots in spiritual practice around the world such as Tibet. We will learn western overtoning which is easiest on the voice.

Holistic Voice Therapy

1hr30min £60.00
1hr £40.00

The BAST method of Holistic Voice Therapy is a one to one treatment consisting of Passive Voice Therapy treatment and dynamic breathing, vocalisation, visualisation and movements (depending on need and relevance) called Vocal Processing Techniques (VPTs). A client may have just a passive treatment, just an active treatment or a combination.

A passive treatment is very much like a personal voice bath. After a sharing and exploration of what you are bringing to the session and would like to work on, you are invited to lie comfortably on the couch while I create a series of vocal tones and overtones, designed as a treatment personal to you. People often find this a very enjoyable, relaxing experience and may enter into a very deep state similar to that of meditation or just before falling asleep and may experience feeling warm, seeing colours, having imagery, a distortion in time or personal insight as they enter an altered state of consciousness. You are invited to observe your experience as a compassionate witness during the treatment. If at any time you are not comfortable, just raise your hand.

At the end of the treatment I will play a series of grounding percussion instruments to gently bring you back from your relaxed state and afterwards you will be invited to share how that was for you. If we are doing a partly active treatment I can then offer some exercises (VPTs) for you to do in the session and or as homework between sessions, depending what I feel will be of most benefit to you.

A purely active treatment involves a similar sharing and exploration of the issues brought to the session and then I can offer exercises (VPTs) for you to do using your breath, voice, visualisations and movements depending on what I feel will be most helpful to explore, express and transform.

Working in this dynamic way with your own voice really can be truly powerful work.

Drum Therapy

1hr30min £60.00
1hr £40.00

The drum is ancient, universal and almost certainly the oldest instrument in the world. It has been used ceremonially and shamanically in almost every culture. Its power is strong and deep.

The BAST method of drum therapy includes Rhythm of Life, Drum Journey and a wonderful Drum Massage. Drum Massage can be particularly helpful for pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. As well as described as being very relaxing, calming, focusing and centreing, clients report enjoying the feel of the strong vibrations on their body. The Rhythm of Life is a wonderful tool to explore the feel of your day to day activities and to then prescribe a specific therapeutic rhythm which I will play in the session and which you can then use between sessions (you do not need a drum but if you have one it is great to use to play this for yourself). The rhythm can be played close to the body or as in the drum journey, played away from the clients body. All the techniques help induce an Altered State of Consciousness (ASC), a deep trance-like state, akin to deep meditation during which numerous physical and psychological benefits can occur.

Drum therapy can be good for muscle or bone pain (not headache or broken bones), arthritis, muscle tension, stress-related symptoms, general relaxation and physical pain. I have also had success helping clients with insomnia. A recent study by Barry Bitman MD showed drum circles a group of people drumming together boosts the immune system and actually increases cancer killing cells. Other studies have shown group drumming to have a calming, focusing and healing effect on autistic children, and alzheimers patients.

I help you explore how your issue is manifesting in your system and plan a treatment accordingly. You lie down on the therapy couch while I play the drum and depending on method used will either play the drum nearby or close to your body as in eg drum journey. Afterward I invite a sharing of your experience and offer you a homework rhythm and or breathing exercise to move forward.

Contact Details:
Name: Naomy Browton
Website: www.sacredvoicehealingdrum.co.uk
Email: naomy7@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 01227 741802