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Past Life Regression
Lorraine Ripley
Lorraine Ripley

Spiritual Healing Akashic Record Reading £45.00
Past Life Regression £60.00
Reiki Angelic £40.00

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I am qualified in Past Life Regression, and am passionate about this work. To go back in time and find out who you were in a previous life, where and how you lived, who was with you , is fascinating and riveting.

This experience can help people to live better, happier lives, improve health, relationships and gain clarity to those questions such as Whats it all about !! -why am I here, have I lived before.

It is also a great therapy to release and heal any phobias affecting you that may have occurred in a previous life or in childhood., but have impacted on your current life, and it has been known for strange aches and pains that have plagued people for years to disappear overnight once the original source of them has been found d addressed.an

Spiritual Healing Akashic Record Reading

1hr £45.00

Access to the Akashic Records is now available to us all, instead of as in the past - a select few

This infinite source of wisdom and healing energy is available to you to answer your questions big and small - What is my life purpose, is this relationship healthy for me?, should I do this or that?, now you can gain answers to all these questions from the people who know you best - The Lords, Masters and Teachers of your Akashic Soul Record who have been with you through every life you have ever lived.

Come and have a reading and gain wonderful insight to what your Soul wants to tell you

Past Life Regression

3hr £60.00

You are guided into a relaxed state by gentle hypnosis, where you can review and relive a past life. You will learn the story of that life, why you chose it, who was with you - some of them you may recognize being in your current life.

Then at the end of the life journey, you will be able to have a life between lives review, with guides and elders in the higher realms.
'Talk' to them and find out why you chose the life and how it affects your current life, heal any outstanding issues from that life.

Often if you have difficult relationships in your current life, this is an opportunity to find out why, resolve the issues and improve them. It is also very common that fears or phobias that plague you for no apparent reason are resolved and removed.

Reiki Angelic

35min £40.00

The Angelic Reiki System of Healing was gifted to Earth by Archangel Metatron in 2002.

The Angels themselves conduct the healing session and the energy is channeled from me to you the client directly. The healing session is overseen by Archangel Micheal and Metatron, and being held by the Angels in this way has to be experienced,

Contact Details:
Name: Lorraine Ripley
Email: ripleylrr@aol.com
Phone: 07922661342