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Frances Robertson-Ritchie
Frances Robertson-Ritchie

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy and counselling session £60.00
Hypnotherapy Guided visualisation £30.00

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I am fully qualified in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Counselling skills, having trained with the Advanced School of Hypnotherapy. I am also a qualified yoga teacher. In hypnotherapy body and mind are relaxed to such an extent that you are able to focus fully on your intention to make change and visualise the best possible outcomes for yourself.

Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy and counselling session

1hr £60.00

The hypnotherapy session will begin with a discussion about the desired outcome and an opportunity for us to get to know one another. Counselling and NLP techniques will pinpoint specific goals. We will collaborate to plan the best way to achieve these goals.

Hypnosis will be used to bring about the changes required to achieve those goals. Using relaxation techniques for the body and mind the subconscious becomes open to a broader state of awareness.

Hypnotherapy brings about change. What do you want to change?

Hypnotherapy Guided visualisation

30min £30.00

Guided visualisation, for deep relaxation, to boost self esteem and to promote feelings of positivity and calm. Absolutely no effort, required, just come along and listen while I guide you into a deeply relaxed state where you will be able to visualise your happiest self and access positive feelings of confidence and joy which you will be able to carry with you through your daily life allowing you to deal with tasks and challenges calmly, and with ease.

Contact Details:
Business: Happy Healthy Hypnotherapy
Website: www.facebook.com/yogacheriton
Email: francesperry@gmail.com
Phone: 07828456333