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Active Fitness
Active Fitness

Fibromyalgia Retreat £75.00
Facial and Neck Detox Treatment £20.00 - £30.00
Physiotherapy Assessment £35.00 - £45.00
Aromatherapy £40.00 - £50.00
Ballett Pilates £8.00 - £42.00
Couples Massage £30.00 - £40.00
Holistic Body Massage £20.00 - £40.00
Manual lymphatic drainage Manuael lymphatic drainage £30.00 - £50.00
Pilates one to one £25.00
Personaltraining £35.00
Pilates Drop in £8.00
Pilates 6 weeks £36.00
Hot Cold Stones Massage £30.00 - £40.00
Swedish Massage £20.00 - £40.00
Day Retreats Package 1 £21.00 - £41.00
Day Retreats Package 2 £32.00 - £52.00
Detox & Cellulite Reduction Massage £50.00
Deep Tissue Massage £20.00 - £50.00
Day Retreats Pilates and Spa £75.00
Day Retreats Bridal and Bridesmaid Retreat £80.00

Contact Anika

I'm a passionate Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, aiming to help my clients with medical conditions, fitness and health related problems and showing them how to maintain personal health, fitness and wellbeing.

I am a chartered physiotherapist, fully qualified, insured and registered with the HCPC.

Anika Fit studied Physiotherapy and massage therapy for 3 years at the German Academy "Medizinisches Bildungszentrum" and worked in rehabilitation, hospitals and wellness resorts.

Later she engaged personaltraining and fitness within her physiotherapy practice to offer a wide range of fitness and health related treatments. She is a mastertrainer for "Rebound UK" and constantly looking for new projects.

I can provide services in english and german.
Card payment available

A deposit of £10 is required upfront and will be cleared against the treatment price on the day of appointment. Last Minute Treatments booked 48 hours or less are to be paid upfront

Cancellation Policy

* Cancellation 48 hours before the appointment- no fee

* Cancellation 24 hours or less - small cancellation fee of max. £10

NO to chemicals- Active Fitness only uses organic, paraben free, palm oil free products

Fibromyalgia Retreat

7hr £75.00

Join Anika Fit (Physiotherapist and Pilates Teacher) from Active Fitness for this special retreat and learn all about Fibromyalgia and how to deal with the condition.

Package includes

* 45 min gentle Pilates and Breathing
* 30 min Seminar about Fibromyalgia
* 45 min gentle Stretch and Foam Roller Session
* Lunch, use of Spa and Sauna
* 25 min manual lymphatic massage
* 30 min Relax and Meditation

All sessions are specially designed to show you different ways of treating Fibromyalgia and give you a deeper understanding of the causes. You will receive your own Foam roller to take home as well as a detailed video how to use it :)

Anika is a Fibromyalgia Retreatpassionate physio with 10 years experience, aiming to raise awareness for Fibromyalgia and developing different approaches to increase wellbeing.

Facial and Neck Detox Treatment

30min £20.00
45min £30.00

💎New Facial and Neck Detox Treatment 💎

This rejuvenating treatment increases blood and lymph flow, tightens the skin and helps the body to get rid of toxins.
Relax and give your skin an amazing glow!

Starting with a Face and Neck massage to soften the muscles, followed by a massage with a jade roller to tighten the skin and ended with cupping to increase lymph and blow flow. Vitamin A and E oil promotes collagen restoring and leaves the skin soft and relaxed.

Physiotherapy Assessment

1hr £45.00
30min £35.00

Initial assessment: evaluation of health condition and meassurements alongside with first treatment. (60 min)

Follow up treatment: monitoring of progress


1hr £40.00
1hr15min £45.00
1hr30min £50.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Tailored to your needs- enjoy the relaxing smell of essential oils and let go of stress and tension. Treatment includes

* herbal tea, essential oil massage, aromatherapy Aromatherapydiffusion, 30 min guided relaxation

Ballett Pilates

45min £8.00
45min £42.00

Join our brand new low impact but intense Ballett Pilates class. Learn basic moves of Ballett to lengthen your muscles, increase flexibility and work on a better posture. Engage your core with classic Pilates exercise to increase core strength and reduce lower back pain. Ballett PilatesA graceful, fun class suitable for everyone. No experience needed.

Couples Massage

45min £30.00
1hr £40.00

“New treatment! Introducing a collaboration between Anika Fit from Active Fitness and Caroline Griffin Sports Massage


Anika & Caroline are now taking bookings for joint massage bookings, come with your loved one or a friend for a relaxing shared Couples Massagemassage experience, within the holisticentre at Broome Park”

Holistic Body Massage

30min £20.00
45min £30.00
1hr £40.00

Holistic massage benefits the mind, body and spirit. Massage relaxes taut muscles, aids lympathic drainage, releases toxins and benefits the "whole" in many other positive ways. Physical and emotional stress can be reduced through therapeutic touch and a myriad of other restrictive problems can also be alleviated.

Manual lymphatic drainage Manuael lymphatic drainage

30min £30.00
45min £40.00
1hr £50.00

stimulates the lymphatic vessels which carry substances vital to the defence of the body and removes waste products.

Pilates one to one

1hr £25.00

During a Pilates one to one session we will work on posture and core engagement alongside with stretch and relax. All sessions are especially tailored for you to give you the most of the Pilates method


1hr £35.00

We offer tailored personal training and nutritional programms to get you into shape.
Single sessions or packages available

* single session - £35 per hour
* 4/8 week package - £250
* 5/10 week package - £300
* 6/12 week package - £340

* all packages include a membership for the online fitness training and nutrition program

Pilates Drop in

45min £8.00

Join our gentle beginners/intermediate Pilates class and learn how to engage your core, control and stretch muscles. Become more flexible, aligne your posture and learn healthy breathing pattern.

Suitable for all health conditions

Pilates 6 weeks

45min £36.00

Join our gentle beginners/intermediate Pilates class and learn how to engage your core, control and stretch muscles. Become more flexible, aligne your posture and learn healthy breathing pattern.

Suitable for all health conditions

Hot Cold Stones Massage

45min £30.00
1hr £40.00

Hot stone massage is an ancient massage technique that uses the warmth of basalt rocks to give the body an intense and relaxing treatment. It is a great treatment to relax tightened muscles, increase blood flow and is used to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Suitable for many health conditions it is an easy way to leave a stressful day behind.

Swedish Massage

30min £20.00
45min £30.00
1hr £40.00

Swedish Massage is a gentle but effective technique to increase blood flow, reduce lymphatic fluid and relax tight muscles

Day Retreats Package 1

30min £21.00
45min £31.00
1hr £41.00

* one massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone...)
* free Pukka tea of your choice
* Aromatherapy oil of your choice
* Goodie bag filled with discount voucher, chocolate and a surpise treat

Day Retreats Package 2

30min £32.00
45min £42.00
1hr £52.00

* one massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone...)
* free Pukka tea of your choice
* Aromatherapy oil of your choice
* Goodie bag filled with discount voucher, chocolate and a surpise treat
* one hour use of the exclusive Pool Area

Detox & Cellulite Reduction Massage

1hr30min £50.00

Improve the appearance of your body, increase lymp flow and get baby soft skin.
This tailored Anti- Cellulite Treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smoothen your skin and tissue.

The package includes

* brush massage to increase blood flow and remove dead skin cells
* manual lymphatic drainage to increase lymph flow and remove toxins
* anti cellulite massage with essential oils to smoothen the skin and break up cellulite tissue

Afterwards you can sit down with a cup of Detox Tea to support the treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

30min £20.00
45min £30.00
1hr £50.00

Deep tissue massage is a specialized technique to balance muscle tone, treat trigger points and relax the tissues and ligaments of the body.

Day Retreats Pilates and Spa

8hr £75.00

Take a break and enjoy a day full of Pilates, Fitness and Wellness to reduce stress, increase energy and feel fantastic :)

Start the day gentle with an energizing Pilates class to engage your core and lengthen muscles followed by a seminar about your pelvic floor. Increase your fitness level with our Bikini Blitz Workout. Enjoy treatments and relax while using the spa and gym.

Package includes

🕉 45 min morning Pilates
🕉 30 min Pelvic floor Workshop
🕉 45 min Bikini Blitz
🕉 Lunch
🕉 spa and gym
🕉 25 min Back massage
🕉 30 min Stretch and relax

After received payment your space is secure

Day Retreats Bridal and Bridesmaid Retreat

7hr £80.00


A specially tailored spa day for the bride and her bridesmaids. Enjoy a day full of fun, Wellness and fitness to get ready for the big day.

Package includes:

💍 45 min class "Shredding for the wedding" Bridal Fitness
💍 45 min class "Pilates- Core &a more"
💍 Lunch
💍 Beauty Pamper Party
💍 Spa and Gym use
💍 25 min Massage Treatment
💍 30 min "Stretch and Relax"

6 spaces available

Contact Details:
Business: Active Fitness
Website: www.your-active-fitness.co.uk
Email: anikafit@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 07484780328