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Tantric Therapist
Tantric Vibrational Therapist
Tantric Vibrational Therapist

Sensitive Massage £130.00
Biodynamic Vibrational Meditation £7.00

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Tantric Vibrational Therapist, enabled in all modalities of the Deva Nishok Method of Tantric Therapy, in a complete system of treatment leading to the perception of the Bioelectricity of the body to expand the sensitivity, allowing healing the body, mind and emotions Through Sensitive Massage.


Sensitive Massage

2hr £130.00

The Sensitive Massage provides the awakening of your bioelectric potential, linking several body muscles of the reflex-neurological reaction of pleasure.
It releases the perception of bioelectric potential of the body.
This work provides a change in the old sexual conditionings present in your behavior - only through this change will it be possible to reach a new level of pleasure that does not depend on sexual fantasies or mental perversions - the body is the key.
Sensitive Massage Sensitive Massage develops a deep bioenergetic contact, bioelectrical in nature, which develops and enhances perception and sensitivity, preparing all the muscle groups of the body and placing them in the context of pleasure.

Main benefits of Sensitive Massage:
- Awaken the awareness of Bioeletricity
- Increase the levels of endorphin, serotonin and ocytocin
- Enhances the waves of pleasure

Biodynamic Vibrational Meditation

1hr £7.00

This active meditation integrates physical methods for stress release with mindfulness and reflection. A sequence of movement and dance will relax your body. Vibrational Meditation uses gentle shaking, moving and dancing to unblock your energy and deeply relax your body. Effortlessly, you will then enter a phase of silence, rest and deep meditation.
This active meditation is perfect for people who want to release physical tension and shake off their emotional burdens! Participants usually emerge feeling refreshed and energized while in a state of meditative stillness.

Contact Details:
Business: Alvaro Tantric Vibrational Therapist
Email: mitradevaprem@gmail.com
Phone: 07500087505